Thrunite TI4T - titanium version review and ti4 comparison

Ok, so it’s not exactly a budget light. but I figured I’d put a review since I was one of the early ones to get ahold of the TI4T

higher lumens with same runtime as ti4
actual pen size
can be used in pen pockets, clipboards, organizers, etc
competitive in price with medical penlights
always starts in firefly mode
don’t have to cycle modes to shut off

Gets warmer than ti4
heavier than ti4
would rather see have a 80 lumen mode rather than 30
can not utilize 10440 batteries

Model: Ti4T

LED: Cree XP-L V6 LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time
Mode & Runtime (Tested with 2*Ni-MH/900mAh): Firefly(0.4 lumens, 137hours), Low (32 lumens, 12hours), High (300 lumens, 51minutes), Strobe (300 lumens, 90 minutes)
Material: Titanium


Unscrew the light head, insert the batteries with the negative terminal down into the battery tube and then screw the light head back on
Turn on /off
Single press the tail switch to turn the light on/off.
Change modes
When the light is on, twist to loosen then tighten the light head to change modes with the cycle of Firefly, Low, High, Firefly, Low, High, and Strobe.
When the light is on, half press the tail switch, Low, High, Firefly, Low, High, and Strobe.
When the light is on, quick double click (within 1 second) the tail switch to cycle through Firefly, Low, High, Firefly, Low, High, and Strobe.
If the second click is after 1 second but less than 10 seconds, the light will memorize the last mode. If it is after 10 seconds, the light will start from Firefly mode again.

Beam shot

Ti4T beam Vs Ti4 Beam

Ti4t Beam Vs Thrunite Archer 1C

Ti4t Beam Vs Thrunite T10

Tift Beam Vs Xtar Wk41

as much as I love a budget light this is quite a little handy penlight. I really like that it easily fits in my cell phone case and and of my shirt pockets that have a pen loop. It’s very handy for work because I don’t have to worry about cycling through modes to turn it off, but it also has enough variety in lumens to make it worth my while to EDC. This would make a really class gift for any EMTs, doctors, nurses, dentist, or even LEOs that you know for xmas. It’s competitively priced with the Foursevens Preon 2 and the Welch Allen Doctor’s lights, yet it still has higher lumens and better run times.

One more beamshot for the road!

Glad that u had that last comparison beam shot, as I just ordered the WK41 last night for $15!

That Xtar ebay sale is killer!
I ordered the WP2H charger for $11 so i can charge my Samsung icr18650-28a laptop pulls

I’m strongly debating buying the wk42, and maybe the wk50.

Those prices are tough to pass up.

The WK41 is an awesome little light. I carried it for a few months. Only complaint is that it is finnicky about 14500 batteries.
Fits perfect into the small little pencil pocket on carpenter jeans, or the watch pocket of normal jeans.

Thanks for the review! I’m very interested in this light; I like the thin diameter for pocket carry, neutral tint, and high max brightness. However, I’m sure the exposed tail clicker would engage in my pocket… Any mods that might prevent this?
Would it be possible to disable the clicky entirely, and just use it as a twisty with the head?
One Amazon review of the Ti4 suggests JBweld-ing a hex nut around the clicky to enclose it. Seems like that would be effective, but it also sounds like it’d be pretty obtrusive and ugly, especially on the titanium version.
Any other ideas?

I wouldn’t sweat it too much. I’ve only had it turn on once or twice and both times I was reaching into my pocket. It is stout enough that I easily heard and felt it. Remember too it starts in firefly so you have literally days of runtime even if it does stay on in your pocket