ThruNite TN31 Vs Fenix TK70

Here we go. Let’s see which one throws the best.

All of these are manual exposure, 1.2 sec shutter, f/4, and ISO 400.

275yds to far tree at top of hill









The thrower still have a hard time with the ‘flooder than can throw’. TK70 wins.

Thanks, Brad. Very, very nearly got a TN31, ( I have a TK70 too).

Your welcome.

At least now we know according to my samples to where it’s about as dark as it gets.

Hey Brad,

I just would like you to know that we send PMs among ourselves talking about how thankful we are for your efforts. You made a lot of things easier for us in some of our decision-making, ironically at your expense, however, you as a real flashlight lover, I’m sure you enjoy what your doing as much as we do.

That means a lot to me what you just wrote.



throw wise they look about the same but the tk70 just puts out a beastly amount of light!!

I would say that’s a pretty accurate statement.

There was some crap in the air last nite as well. Don’t know if it’s moisture or what, but I could definately see it.

So I may have to try some more tonite. But I will say that TN31 for the price is a steal and one heck of a awesome thrower. Just think this TN31 throws almost as good as the Olight SR90 at less than half the price. But then again I only paid $31.50 more for the TK70 that still throws right with the TN31.

But then you have the cost of D-batteries and a charger… Great pictures, it shows how amazing the TN31 is!!! Thank you….

That’s very true about the charger and the D batteries. But on the positive side the TK70 lights up much more at the same time with the wider spill and the wall of bright light along the way to the object. I still can’t get over how much light the TK70 puts out. It’s just unreal.

And thank you. I still want to get 2 better ones tonite at 445yds. Both still look ok though. The TK70 looks a little distorted or hazed. But that just may be the way it was with the beam not being as tight as the TN31 on this nite.

I ahve to admit though the TN31 is more of a pleasure to carry.

I agree the TK70 puts out a ton of light, it lights up way more on the way to the target…

But I will technically say in theory the TN31 should be the better thrower. But you really don’t see it hear in these pictures. Again why I want to retake the 445yd shots. I can see why some looking at the barn would choose the TN31 as the winner. But then again if you look at the field prior to the barn and weeds a person would have to say it don’t.

What if you walk out 10 yards from the barn, have someone shine each light at the barn from 450 yards away and you can photograph the barn to see which light actually illuminates the barn the most? Unless you have a light meter of course, then just use it in front of the barn.

That may work, but I don’t have another person to do that, and plus the neighbors may wonder what the hell is going on as well.

I think I’m going to have to move back to about 475yd and try a few as well. I don’t think tonite the way it’s looking now is going to be very good for beamshots.

I do have a question here for you guys to answer. And I just want you to concentrate on the barn only which I typically don’t recommend, but in this case I will. Which light in your honest opinion is lighting up the barn the best? I sort of am thinking it’s the TN31 to my eyes, but I want to hear your opinions as well.

On the first two sets of pics, its clear the tk70 wins. As for the 3rd set, lighting up the barn itself goes just a little bit to the 31, but IMO, since the 70 throws a wide beam of cool white light, sometimes a slight haze will artificially obscure the actual picture, as compared to the 31’s more on the warmer side of cool.

Like sometimes in boxing, the fight is so close the decision can go either way.

But for a 3-led light to run abreast with a pure thrower is already a feat in itself. Is there some other light who can?

Brad can you do a mouse over? I think it is so close it’s hard to pick….

Mouseover TN31 mouseout TK70