ThruNite TN31 Vs Fenix TK70

Now what do you guys think? This ought to tell us which one throws the farthest.

Looks like the TK70 wins to me…

I think your right.

I'm not believing it, but the proof's right there. TK70 wins on both flood and 450 yd throw. Amazing, amazing light.

Well both are truly amazing flashlights. But at least on my samples here, and I do think both are good ones, the TK70 throws the best.

And I know you guys trust me, but I thought I would show that I’m not altering my camera to make any light have the advantage. This just let’s you see all the camera info for each shot.



TK70 throws better!

Just in case someone has any doubt which light owns the other, I have isolated all the outside interference to show only the barn itself and no foreground or any other distractions. The TK75 is so damned bright that one could say it interferes with itself but if the pic was taken from another angle where you weren't looking down the beam it wouldn't appear so hazy from the light pollution. Even though the TN31 appears cleaner, it's only because it isn't putting out as much light. This match up would be even better is there was no humidity in the air to create back scatter haze.

Thanks for all your work taking these pics, Brad! It is much appreciated by all!

Edit: I corrected the mouseover pic to say "TK70" instead of the incorrect "TK75". Sorry.


Thank you so much for those kind words. I am honored.


That ends it all ! (Btw, the TK75 it is not. LOL)

Heh…Yeah I know. I already noticed that and corrected the image text at the source. If you clear out your cache it should show the correct text “TK70”. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was typing when you were editing…my correction stands corrected

Your mouse-over really ends it all. Very nice

When it gets good and dark here, I’ll go take a few more at 445yds. I’ll try holding the lights out to the left a few feet from the camera and see how those look on here. I think it looks like it will be a good nite for beamshots.

Awesome job Johnny!!! :beer:

So what I want to know does this mean the TK70 might out throw the SR90 since the TN31 throws about as good as the SR90? I know Marshall at goinggear says it won’t, but I don’t know. I’m just going off of what I seen here and what selfbuilt showed pictures of and the lux values he posted from each with his calibrated light meter. The SR90 had only slight edge in throw over the TN31. I’d say it would be very close between the 2.

yep tk70 wins now they need to make a damn adapter 4 18650s on it!! and I would be all over one

I told my buddy Rick on the phone earlier today that just think how the TK70 would throw if Fenix would have left the head the same size and put a single XM-L driven as hard like the one in the TN31. Now that would be the light to have with a huge reflector. There’s no telling how far it would throw.

That TK70 is a monster! I don’t want to admit it but these pics seem undeniable that the Fenix buries the TN31.

Thanks for the comparison!

Your welcome. Glad I could show you guys which one is the true winner.

I’m enjoying it here, they don’t have it over there.