ThruNite TN31 Vs Fenix TK70

50 foot shot TK70 2200 lumen

I apologize… Just had to show you my new light!!! :bigsmile:

Congratulations on your purchase. TK70 is a work horse. Mine has at least 500 hours of usage already, still works like new one. I mostly use it at HIGH mode, occasionally use it at Turbo.

This and Dale’s thread are really making me reconsider the TK70.

I’ve been too dismissive of the TK70 because of the battery format, but this performance is huge and undeniable.

It’s telling that Fenix doesn’t claim that the TK75 out-throws this…

This makes me really curious about the BTU shocker whenever that thing lands and people take beamshots….I’m totally with Bwollcott, if this came with an 18650 adapter / TK75 extension tube I’d be all over it.

Edit: It’s also interesting that Fenix decided to offer 3100 AWs included with the extension tube….

It depends on your application. I can tell you any time that when I want to go outside my house, if I need a thrower, I will bring TN31 instead of TK70. But at home or very close distance, I will use TK70 instead. TN31 fill the gap nicely for TK70 or SR90, that is portability.

It’s either you go with the BTU or this:\*U2-LEDs-2600-lumens)&p=4079827#post4079827

What I don’t know if it’s original Fenix accessory or aftermarket hop-up.

Ok boys, here the 2 out to the side of the camera say 5 ft.

445yds same camera settings as above



Mouseover TN31 mouseout TK70

And I think I may have had the beam a little low on the TK70. Let me go try and take another and see.

Great pics, demolition of the TN31!

Great pics Brad and great cut JohhnyMac. I still can’t help but wonder that since the tk70 is putting out such a monster wall of light that the haze itself makes it look brighter. The haze is so bright that it is possible that it makes the barn look like it is lit up more. Just a thought. I think the tk IS interfering with itself Too bad someone couldn’t help you by shooting the pics to the side of the beams. Two totally cool lights!

Again, nice shots!

JohnnyMac, please come to the rescue again… still the same result to me, the 70 wins.

Btw, does both flashlights lie on the same horizontal angle? The 70’s hotspot seem to show it’s even on a little downward slope…

That one I believe is ok. I took 2 more from the TK70 but they were blurry.

Well there was some tree branches sticking out from the neighbors yard so I bent down a little more on the TN31 just to make sure I put all of the tighter hotspot on the black horse on the barn.

There was a lot of crap in the air. I don’t know what you call that stuff, but some geese were flying over making noise and I shined the TK70 up in the air on the last 2 shots I went and took that I didn’t use, and you wouldn’t believe all the particles or condensation mist or nite noise(LOL) I saw.

I wish you were a little closer and we could find out. My brothers sr90 is the most awesome thrower that I have ever seen but I have never seen a TK70. After seeing the results from yours I would say it would be very close. Would probably need a cut down mouseover from Johnnymac to decide it also. The SR90 puts out a wall of light similar to the TK70 and Throws like it as well.

Hear, hear…. the SR90 vs TK70 is the next step in this clash of titans.

(manxbuggy, I used to own a ’62 meyers manx in Stoneham, just west of Navasota!)

Its dominance is even more impressive when you consider how long the TK70 has been out.

That’s what I would say.

It may be too close to call.

Fenix has the TK70 listed at 130,500cd.

Olight has the SR90 listed at 126,000cd.

Speaking of which since we are on this topic for those that are interested.

Are you still around Navasota? That is only about 30 miles away.

At this distance to the hot spot, it is clear that TN31 and TK70 are equal in the last two pictures. If really want to find out who is the winner for ILF’s TN31 and TK70, it needs pictures to be taken closer to the hot spot. I think taking beam shots with angles with the beams is better as it is clearer now.