Tiablo A9 or Solarforce Skyline I

Here is such choice I must do



my head already ready to burst))

I much hope on your help))

I'd go for the A9 though I'd be almost certain it is a fake.

MRV-ish reflector on that A9.

I have yesterday written letter with question about authenticity,answer while no

could you explain?

"Left, MRV SK Q5, 35.94mm. Right, Tiablo A9 Q5, 36.22mm"

Or better. Get the exquisitely cheap MRV at manafont, a r2 emitter on 14mm star, and a good driver for it (if you don't like the stock one) and you have one of the best throwers at less than the before mentioned options along with some DIY fun. Oh and a Q5 to fix a flashlight with an obsolete emitter...


I have the Solarforce , and it throws well [ moded now for 1x18650 with 1.4A driver ]

Clone or not , the A9 looks interesting , I cant speak for the A9 , but I dont regret the Solarforce .

Please I have the skyline solarfoce I. What driver is that of 1.4 A? Could you tell me the link. Thank you very much.

This is the driver I use for quite a few mods...including my skyline II.

http://www.dealextreme.com/p/amc7135-1400ma-regulated-circuit-board-for-diy-flashlights-20-pack-3178 I think I got the 10 Pack a while ago ....

The Skyline I is quite substantial. It is very well made and has exceptional throw for a single 18650 light.


As this is got 350-lumen?


Or this mistake?

350L Maximum output ...

Thats extremely optimistic , expect about half that .

But dont confuse throw and output , a lower output light cant still throw well .

Looks like a very nice light , would have been better if it was R2 , but looks a thrower .

Yes R2 gives 347 lm under 1500mА. But how much mA it is necessary for Q3 to get 350lm?

Our chinese friends,as always little have decorated reality))

It won't at any current. You will melt the bond wires before it gets anywhere close to 350lm. You might get 275 at 1.5A but that is way past specified current (max 1A) and the LED will not live for long.

Surrender broughted tables

LED lumen testing


May be this XP-G? ))

Could be. An XP-G R2 (Which I've never seen, the lowest bin I've seen advertised is R4) would be around 350 lumens at 1500mA.

Lots more useful information on LED bins here