Time to say hello (and thank you!)


I’ve been browsing (lurking) this site for a short time now and I’ve found it to be a very informative, entertaining and increasingly costly (!) experience.

My new interest in flashlights came about through vaping (seemingly, like a few others on here.) Browsing Fasttech for vaping related products, I couldn’t help but notice how many times flashlight stuff kept cropping up in reviews/discussions/new product listings. Inevitably, curiosity got the better of me and I took the plunge……

It started with three Convoy lights in quick succession (C8, S2 and L4) from Fasttech, chosen purely on the strength of on-site reviews. For a newcomer, I was absolutely blown away!

Next - just like vaping, there always seems to be a “next” - I decided that my growing collection was not worthy of the name unless it contained a “zoomie”. So came a not very good Ultra-fire XML T6 zoomie from Gearbest. Not bad, but not as amazing as the Convoys.

So I came here to do a bit of research. I settled on the UF 1505, also from Gearbest (not to mention two dirt cheap SK68 clones on the way from Simon @ Ali-express).

Now, with literally dozens of items in my wishlists in all the usual places, here I am.

I enjoy and can mostly follow the technical discussions of the forum’s knowledgeable contributors, I am full of admiration for their efforts. However, I have neither the time (I have three young sons - two of whom are disabled), nor the interest in doing my own modifications.

So, thank you BLFers for helping me to pursue my new found interest a little more wisely.


Welcome ter the forum and we 'ope yer will stay ashile.

Welcome to BLF! :beer:

Hello DTJ…

Welcome to BLF :party:

DTJ , Hello and Welcome to the BLF. Enjoy yourself.

Hi DTJ. Normally, you would be counseled to run away as fast as possible, but it appears you have been bit proper-like by the bug.

Choosing not to get into modding can be a very smart decision depending on one's circumstances. I have spent far more on parts and equipment than I have on actual lights. Time, as you so aptly pointed out, is also massively consumed by the activity.

Hope you have a great time here. :)

Thanks for joining Flashaholics Anonymous, DTJ!


Welcome to the forum DTJ! I swear once you put a single foot in here and created an account you cash will further drain out! Faster than when while you were just vaping :party:

glad to have you here DTJ

We need more people with common cents


Welcome to the forum DTJ.
A quick count reveals the presence of at least se7en flashlights. This goes deeper than just a mild infection. The things to come are:
1/ an accumulation of boxes on your desk. 2/ to realise you have lights with interchangeable parts.
3/ owning more lights-under-construction than working lights. 4/ working lights become presents to family and neighbours.
5/ waking up in the middle of the night, and your wife asks: who is this Imalent?
The best way to survive it all is to enjoy the ride.

Like the Eagles put it so nicely: you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave :evil:

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Of course, you’re all correct. I can already recognise the symptoms in myself.

I know this will sound like blasphemy in the present company, but two months ago when I bought my first Convoy, I didn’t even need a new flashlight . I have no need of one now – even though I will shortly welcome lights #6 & #7 into my collection.

Bitten by the bug? Probably. Addiction? No, really, I can take it or leave it.

I will not get into modding, haven’t wielded a soldering iron in anger for years, I simply haven’t got the time, I would need to update my tool-kit, my newly acquired lights (plural) are perfectly adequate for my virtually non-existent needs……so why do I keep looking at the modding threads.

Who am I trying to kid!

“Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)…”

Welcome to BLF the Royale. You can check out any time.

Welcome! I think you’re missing a good headlamp! :slight_smile: Just saying… and a flooder and and MTG2 light and a soup can light…


Are you a mind reader?


have good moment in BLF

hope you can increase your knowledge and get more amiable friends

never feel gloom while you are in BLF because this place for your owns

thank form you to spend you own time to see our comment it gave happiness to us

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome. You know you have to buy one of the group buy A6 and D80 BLF lights each too because they are such good deals, heck I had to buy several of the Red Convoy S2+ sale with 4C tint just because it was a good deal and I needed them to…. to add to my 50 lights…runnnn!!!