TK70 alike LusteFire 3 x XM-L U2 (3 x 26650) @ KD , MF , DX & FT

that ought to drive the btu shocker price down :slight_smile:

Oh man

A TK70 that takes 26650’s for under $90 bucks?

I might have to grab this one and check it out

That does look like a sweet deal. The thing I liked about the TK70 was use of normal batteries. (well, normal NiMH rechargables). I guess they figured most people that buy it werent so worried about that and already had LiIon chargers and batteries.
I wonder how hard they really drive the LEDs? I doubt its 4 Amps per LED.

Hmmm…now is see how bright is this thing

more like 4 Amps for all 3 LEDs, but for that price? that’s a modder dreams light :smiley:

I wonder if it really has a “coated glass lens”

Also wondering if the BTU head is interchangeable.

dammit you guys are going to make me buy one aren’t you

Nice Pok. Have you sweet talked them into one for a review?

I wonder if the traditional 3a/emitter driver will fit? J)

Interesting choice they made to go w the big capacity of the 26650 cells but choose to cheap out the emitters a bit, s/b L2 or U3, no? And unlike FF or Int’l no product champion to give the details on the drivers (as per the BTU).

Looks nice, wondering at the overall quality and all those little details…

I was just about to pull the trigger on BTU Shocker, but this makes me reconsider whether I should wait the BTU Shocker’s price to drop down a bit more?

It says u2 right on the side. Hopefully this light is driven HARD.

This one looks uglier to me. TK70 and BTU is nicer. Maybe it is due to the bezel is different.

It could be over driven if it’s 4A for all 3 LEDs, if they’re wired in series.

I’m considering between this and BTU Shocker’s price drop down :wink:

I'm definitely wondering about quality after looking at this picture. Look where the spring in the bottom of the head usually goes. Nothing there except something that looks like a solder blob.

Could be the current was frying the spring and they decided it was better to not have one at all. :wink:

We can dream, no? :D

:) Or why add a spring when the cost can be reduced. :)

Am I missing something, because I don't see any dimensions on the head or reflector? It looks pretty big though... 2 critical things for it to be in the same league with a Shocker or TK70 or TK75:

- dimensions of each reflector, width and depth

- power applied to each emitter

I can't see anything on the dimensions - I don't think that 4A is per LED. Under-powered U2's isn't much different from under-powered T6's. Interesting though for modding.