TK's Emisar D4V2 review

This is why I went into IT after working outside during my teenage years. Maybe if we all left our doors/windows open and the A/C on it would cool the place down.

At least it is Texas, I’ll put up with the heat for a few months to live here.

Uggg. I can’t stand the heat. I’ve been to Texas (Dallas) a couple of times, but both times were in the “winter” (if you call it that). Great climate at that time of the year! If you could keep it like that year-’round, perfect.

I assume your trip was longer than a day? If so, you must have been here two seasons :smiley:

Sometimes you only need one day for that.

Heh, a few days. Only two seasons I luckily missed was “summer” and “tornado season”. (Although, to be fair, your winter is about what most of the summer is like here.)

A couple of friends of mine that I modded a lot of lights for came up from the Houston area near Thanksgiving one year to play with lights, we had almost 200 lights on the table between the 3 of us. We had some real hotties too, but it was in the 40’s, wind blowing, and a slight mist coming down! We were freezing and the lights wouldn’t heat up enough to warm our hands! lol

So I have the 1st run D4V2 with the muggle glitch.

First, is this light safe as long as I don’t use muggle mode?

Because I bought this light because of the aux leds and new firmware (TYTK!)

And I understand stuff happens.

(On my person I will always mechanically lockout because of the possibility of accidental physical switching to on. And that’s faster than click lockout.)

But if the only viable way to safely leave this light unattended is with mechanical lockout then it defeats the purpose of the aux leds. Then I’m curious about return policy for intl-outdoor, or exchange. I don’t want to get the stuff to reprogram.

I’d like to know it’s safe to leave on a nightstand…

Thanks community!

Your best bet is to ask for an exchange ,(or refund & buy another ,it might be cheaper that way ,no postage costs. ) if you can’t reflash.
I can’t say anything about how safe it is on your nightstand because I have version 1 , but someone with more knowledge will put you straight.

It would cost you as much to return as it would to buy the flashing equipment. However, the light is safe if you don’t use muggle mode. Just make sure if you reconfigure your aux LEDs or go into a mode that requires >4-5 clicks that you didn’t accidentally enter muggle mode at some point.

If you don’t want to flash it because of the complexity of doing so i’m sure someone here could help if you are willing to cover shipping the head.

Here is their return policy: (taken from website)

So if you don’t want the flashing kit, ask Hank for a replacement or a free repair. If he doesn’t honor his guarantee, do a chargeback or paypal claim.

Problem is, he doesn’t mention whether he’ll charge for shipping, or require you to pay to ship back the defective product. If you have to pay to ship it back to China, that essentially makes the warranty useless.

It has been stated many times by Toykeeper and Hank, the light is safe as long as you don't use Muggle mode.

In Muggle mode the Aux LEDs are off so you should immediately notice that you are in fact in this mode.

Welll either way it would be good to know. I’m interested in his response. If it turns out that his warranty is useless then I would probably not buy from him again.
It’s cool that most people are satisfied with the flashing kit but customers should not feel forced to accept it due to peer pressure.

But, lets wait before jumping to conclusions. I believe Hank sent a replacement to one of the guys whose light was damaged due to the bug (before it was acknowledged).

Thank all for the responses. I’m happy with the light, and am more than happy with Hank’s service!

All I needed to hear was that it’s safe in non-muggle mode, which is easy to detect with the lack of aux LED’s.

And now we all know Hank’s return policy, which is plenty generous IMO.

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You can send it back on Paypal , you pay then show your receipt (photo) they reimburse you.

Yes, but that’s really not an acceptable response to something that is a clear safety hazard.

If your car caught fire whenever you left it in park with a half-filled gas tank, I don’t think the manufacturer would get away with saying, “Oh, just leave it in neutral or some gear, and put on the parking brake instead. Parking mode is just for muggles, so don’t use it and it’s perfectly safe.”

Safe when not in muggle mode. I am in the states and have flashed mine 3 times now, once to upgrade from the original mode without muggle mode, once to test the bug myself and once to go to the newest firmware with a modified color scheme on the AUX battery monitor.

If you don’t get the resolution you are looking for, send it, I will flash it and ship it back on your dime the cheapest way possible. Takes about 3 minutes to cable up, plug into my phone and push the update.

Matt, thank you very much for the offer! I’ll PM you if I start to feel unsafe!


Safe when not in muggle mode. I am in the states and have flashed mine 3 times now, once to upgrade from the original mode without muggle mode, once to test the bug myself and once to go to the newest firmware with a modified color scheme on the AUX battery monitor.


What changes have been made to the color scheme for the Aux battery monitor?

Normally, none. Mattlward is using a custom version with different colors for the voltage readout mode.