That light is gorgeous…has anyone here ever bought anything directly from that site?

That is a good looking light. Appears to be easily mod-able. I see a driver retaining ring and an integrated shelf. Nice fins, stainless bezel. And metal tail switch akin to the S2+.

Never bought anything off taobao before :question:

Kind of looks like someone has had a look at the Convoy store and then taken the S2+ switch, the M2 and C8 heads and the L series tube to come up with this. I kind of like it but the bezel inner diameter looks too narrow for the reflector in the pics.

Edit- I wonder if after New Year we could convince one of the regular stores to sell it? Or even Simon?

Unannounced Convoy M3? :wink:

How do you switch to English? All I can read is bangbangsweet. :slight_smile: but if it’s under $12, i’m buying that, too.

What has happened to the Convoy store? The store has no listings.

Chinese new year festival. Two or three week hiatus.

Gotcha…was getting worried.

all i get is a picture of a HAND holding what appears to be a somewhat cool flashlight? and a bunch of weird text. I cant get the other pictures. Any way to view this in english?

Use Chrome and it’ll translate it.

Micro-flaw processing farmer T10 Flashlight x2 long-range rechargeable outdoor waterproof riding 18650


Swap emitter to nichia and it’ll be awesome!

Scroll down the page for more photos.

They have a couple that look good…

I just navigated through taobao in Chinese using this guide: How To Buy Directly From Taobao:The Complete Guide – HowToTao and google translate. The guide is not exactly on point but it gives you a rough guide on how to purchase directly from taobao. It came out to about $23 with shipping for 2 lights. I’ll let you guys know how the light is in about a month or 2.

It looks nice. Do we have to go through a dealer to buy from them? I was looking at some of those massive reflector light on Taobao.

From what I was reading online you can use a middleman to purchase stuff from taobao but you can also purchase directly if you can figure out how to navigate the site in Chinese. At least the process of creating an account on taobao is available in English.

Will do. The dimensions of the light puts it similar to a p60 light, and the overall design of the light seems to make it good for modding. The overall design and the price made me buy a couple to see how the light is.

I was thinking of getting this. Anyone has any experience w this? 天貓淘寶海外,花更少,買到寶!