Toshiba battery yields 18500 cells

I received this Toshiba 3400mAH laptop battery today, $8.99 free shipping.

Fairly easy to open to reveal six 18500 cells, should be 1700mAH cells.

No glue! Held in by a strip of double-sided tape, not super sticky.

4 cells @2.56V, 2 @1.96V

The codes printed on the cells:

All have this line: LDGFK15

Below that each has a different code: 002198, 006214, 020330, 017552, 016789, 013922

The last two also have a larger "C" above the LDGFK15.

What do you use them in? I’ve yet to run across an 18500 light.

You can use them in most lights that use 3xCR123A since 2x18500 is almost identical in length (plus, the voltage is close enough that even 3x123 incandescent lights ala Surefire 9P will run great on 2x18500).

Malkoff Wildcat comes to mind. Also useful for C cell lights, just use a sleeve and you’re good to go since C cells are ~50-52mm in length.

Many lights that use a short form 3xAAA carrier. You might want a liner to prevent rattling. I have one like this except made for 18500, but I can't remember which light it came with.

There arent many 18500 lights. But there are some AA/14500 lights than can be bored to accept 18500. Sunwayman V10A for example.

L2m with a few mods maybe?

Wow! 18500s! I’ve never seen those in a pack (but then again, that doesn’t mean much :)).

Are you able to check if their capacity is actually 1700 mAh?

When I first started, I used 18500s in some “Techlite” (Costco) lights, with the convertor tube you linked, cut in half (so one convertor would be used for 2 batteries/lights). I still have them (the lights and batteries) in all our bedrooms, as emergency lights.

If you can confirm that these are 1700 mAh, I might have to pick up a pack, as most of the ones I found were lower capacity that that (like in the ~1000 mAh range).

Also, FYI, when I was searching back then, I saw some references that said that these were used in a lot of the solar-powered landscape lights :)…



Yep, I use 18500s in an l2m with shortened drop-in. It’s a tight fit but it works.

I just ordered two pack, they look like the Sanyo 18500

nice to use in decent 3AAA lights .I was thinking about an 18500 to use with the edi-t p13 I picked up from wallbuys

I don't have a charger that measures capacity. If they're OEM of a big name like Toshiba I'd think they should be close.

One just finished charging in a Nitecore i2, ~4hrs. @500mA, I didn't note the exact time I started them. I put the two 1.96V cells in that, the others in the Xtar WP6II @600mA.

Edit. the second in the i2 finished as I hit submit.

Two in the Xtar just finished.

The last two finished. All settling ~4.22V


Thanks for the info!


You're welcome.

I just tried 4 cells in my UV Solarforce L2P. I had four 16340's using 1 extension, the 18500's fit using 2. Seems brighter with the 18500's, although I'd rather use protected cells with 4 in series.

this laptop battery should be throwwed out because they must be second used batteries inside.

the 18500 battery’s price is about 1.4usd made in china and about 2.5usd made in japan, how could they make a laptop battery and just sell it at 8.99usd with free shipping?

those chinese sellers are ruined chinese business reputation all the time.

i would advise my friends that do not buy those cheap products which are lower price than material costing.

A laptop battery can be cheaper than the cells, if nobody needs a battery for that laptop. A good find for 3AAA lights, thanks Gj.
Regarding never used old batteries I just wonder how the seller can be reasonably sure the battery is not dead. Judging by the cell voltages about 1.9V in other threads, the seller has not tested them.

some sellers do not concern about if the battery is dead, they want to make the prices lower so that buy many second hand batteries and no any testing before making the laptop battery.

they are ruining the chinese international business all the time, i hate them

You can put 18500 inside of a D cell case (nimh) and get a D size LiPo battery.
Or you can use a pipe to make 2 cell battery pack to use inside a maglite, and can use 6 cell bulb.

That battery is for, among others, the Libretto U100/U105 laptops, which were from, apparently, the 2005 timeframe, see:

So, these could be/probably are leftovers “new” packs that the seller are trying to get rid of.

As discussed elsewhere, it appears that if the pack is really new, e.g., in this older thread:

Pulls from a “new” pack come out a little low (in that case, the ones I got all came out of the pack at ~1.9V.