TPAD 32mmm Triple

Hi Guys

I am about to get delivery of our new triple 32mm TPAD DTP Copper PCB's in XP and XML footprint. Maybe a little big for your apps, but I value your thoughts so would be happy to ship out some freebies for a review here(good or bad),

Details, not dissimilar to Noctigan 20mm triples, only has parallel, series and IAD wiring and isolated centre holes for easy no short termination

currently in Amsterdam on the Cutter European tour, this is a bike shed in serious need of some light, pm or email me if of interest and I will get my guys to organise



Hi mark. Do you have optics to suit the new pcb?

I'd get out of that bike shed quick as I've heard strange stories about dark bike sheds in Amsterdam. Then again you may enjoy staying there.

Have you met up with Chevy Chase yet?

Yes, will not look too different to the image in my login above, so will suit Ledil Cute and a few other manufacturers with the same footprint



There does not appear to be much interest in your samples for testing. I don't have any official light measuring abilities but would like to offer to assemble one and try it in a light and report back here if you like. XP footprint and I would also need an optic which I'd be happy to pay for.

Any cute-3 will fit. Cutter has been marketing 32mm mcpcb’s for years. In fact, for a long time they were the only ones I know of selling mcpcb’s for the cute-3/4 optics. Most of my early purchases were from them for just this reason. Pm me if you want an optic, I have them all.

Thanks RBD. If Mark wants me to review one I'll pick an optic up at the same time.

Thanks Steve

I will organise some samples as soon as they hit



A Cutter event in Amsterdam! You would expect it all over the news but I must have missed that ;-)

Dont send them out Marl, I'll pick them up if thats ok. You pop up now djozz? Your late. I thought there would of been a party for sure.

No Worries will advise as soon as they hit. they will look like this



they look nice!

Yes I hope they will go well. I think XHP50 or XHP35 operating in parallel mode would work well on these with Ledil Optics, will do some testing when we have stock and will post some thermal, optical, spectral results.

But XPG-2 and XML-2 should also be nice



New Product Release by Cree for OCTOBER 2015

welight - awaiting your PM :slight_smile:

Those centre vias look very small in diameter…

What gauge wire will they accept?

Nice, do these TPAD DTP mcpcb’s also exist in quad? In the CUTE-4 config.

I would be nice to not have to use 4 10mm sinkpads to do a CUTE-4 QUAD build.

On the 32mm triple TPAD’s, there are no hole in the center for the wires, can we drill through the center without breaking the function for triple parallel single battery setup.

Don’t need to drill through just use the vias and jumpers for parallel or series.

How do you mean use the vias? Are the vias holes? Or should we solder the + & - wires at the back of the tpad because the tpad have the pads there instead…… :~

you stick the wires from behind through the tpad (insulation sits flush) and the wire looks just a bit to nothing over the surface
then fill the hole with solder from the front

(whould be great for reflector based lights also for maximum clearance)

Ahh now i get it, that sound like an improvement over using fat wires drawn all around the optic legs and leds like on the Noctigon 32mm triple.
At least if the vias are big enough to fit 18-16awg wires, but even if not you could just cut off the tiny bit of wire that didn’t fit and you would only lose a part of the wire and only 2mm at that.

We need to get some of these XQ-E HI 's to DJozz for torture testing.