TR-3T6 for $43.69 only on october 19th @ FP

Hi all,

Just wanted to share this offer at Focalprice.

Trustfire TR-3T6 for $43.69 on october 19th only

Steve! Looks good, there was an Ebay offer close to this price but it was found to be a mimic.

It's the 2x 18650 version and at $44.60

I may have to snatch one of those. But I am wanting a good thrower XM-L so I may just pass.

OK, then it's still $0.91 off on October 19th... not a big deal, but still...

That's because it's already on sale

The pirce will go up to $48.20 Only 15 people will get it at 44.60

US$ 1.20 raise up for every 15 sold out

12 bought so far / Now 3 remaining at US$ 44.60

That's a good price, for a reliable triple XM-L. I bought my 3 x 18650 at 57 bucks at MF! What the!! (but then i really need the extra extension).

Ric sells the extension for $2, so if you are a regular there i am sure he can help you out if you have a dead SR3800. (without buying the light or another TR-1200 for spare parts)

Ric-CN from CNQualityGoods

Just copied it from another thread... and link was actually only "/user/406" and nothing more :D

Fixed it now.

No incidents reported here that I know of so I’d have to answer with “no”. I love mine!

Hmm, I wonder if this is the real thing or a clone? How much difference can we expect in current draw of the 2x18650 version and the 3x18650 version running only 2 batteries? I read that the 3x18650 version is harder driven.

just wait till Oct19th,it will lose its price on that day

I do wonder if this one is a genuine Trustfire or a knockoff... Focalprice is notorious for shipping a product that is totally different from the description.

I am happy to say this is genuine one not knock off ones, we have contract with this brand

lol,this one is genuine

Since it's genuine, then i'd say it's really worth it, esp for those who still have not gotten a triple XM-L light.

I wonder if this is the version that screws into the bezel or not. I read that the bezel-screwing version has serious heat issues.

I really thought I saw a picture two days ago of the light disassembled that had threads on the bezel side, strange that it's not there anymore...

The Fandyfire is worse for cooling as it has only 3 fins, whereas the TF 3XML has 7 fins.

its the same discription as the fakes on ebay ? i hope its the real deal as ill buy another as i love my TR-3T6 3 x 18650 and my old man want,s me to buy him one, once some one gets one can you please compare the drop in pictures to this thread TrustFire TR-3T6 Triple XM-L T6 5-Modes Memory LED Flashlight as thats a great price even after its gone up for a 2 x 18650 as thats all my old man would need.