Transformers Flashoholic 100W/240W incandescent lamp 18650 Flashlight

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Recommend flashoholic to play this light.
Work with 20W,50W,100W,240W incandescent lamp; Come with 100W bulb by default. Fairly easy to replace different bulbs.

Flashoholic Version include:

Flashlight+ 3x18650 battery carrier+6x18650 battery carrier (all in series) +6x18650 battery carrier(3 parallel ;2 series) 100W bulb 1 battery pole (to help cut down and adjust the voltage; see last picture)

Emitter: 24V 100W incandescent bulb ( Can be replaced by 3.7 20W ; 50W;100W;200W bulb )
Battery: 6 x18650 FOR 100W / 240W bulb (need to use 10A~15A 18650)
3 x18650 For 12V 20W / 50W bulb (Normal 18650)

Dimension: 180mm+65mm (Length with extention tube) x 70mm head x47mm body
Netweight: 470 g / 570g with extension tube

Any question please feel free to ask.


Does Old-Lumens get royalties from this light?

Its certainly one different light. Does it operate on just one mode?

Id love to see a 3S2P 6 x 18650 carrier and battery tube like that for the BTU shocker. I bet you’d sell many of them.
Discussion thread:

Besides, who plays with hot-wires (incandescent) these days? Seems like a nice light that came along 5 years too late.

And again:
Ric, Why are you ignoring me?
Please respond to my PM or email.
You are able to post here, so you are able to read and respond!

LOL. I was thinking the same.


You really need to learn to answer customers. This have always been an issue, and you have lost several orders from me.

Im not even able to place an order from your store. No shipping option.

When will you get 58MM AR lens in stock again?

About your latest batch of 55MM AR lenses. When choosing one, it says 2mm thick. Description says 3mm. What is it?

It would be nice if the battery carrier would be available for us experimenters on BLF.

It should be able to burn stuff with 240W bulb. :stuck_out_tongue:

It also reminds me of this 17,000 lumens mod* in other forum years ago.

does anybody own this Incadescent light?

I for one would love to purchase it. I do a great deal of outdoor activities and having a flashlight/fire starter would be cool.


That looks like a BTU battery caddy in the first pic. That extension tube kinda looks like BTU knurling too. I’d be willing to bet that…

The only issue would be the 6s battery carrier. Unless the BTU can operate off of 7.4v, in which case a bit of careful dremeling and drilling and soldering would rehash it into a nice 2s3p carrier.

What kind of lumens number can we expect from the 240W version?

Our many requests for a 6 x 18650 battery carrier for the BTU Shocker was mostly ignored and unanswered in both threads and in all my emails to Ric. Sorry Ric, but that’s just really bad business. :Sp You snooze, you lose. Now Acebeam has taken your market and produced a superior product. :wink:

Now we have a MUCH BRIGHTER light that completely annihilates the BTU Shocker and holds 6 x 18650 to power 5 XM-L2’s. The price is also very attractive! The group buy sale for the Supbeam X60 is under way.

The group buy sale for the Supbeam X60 is under way.

You should buy one for yourself Ric! :bigsmile:

Ric can u convert this to HID? Maybe it can output more lumens?

I am afraid that would require major design revision with the host to accommodate the ballast.

Interesting… what are those glass ampules with the shiny coil springs inside them ? :bigsmile:

ikr. If I’m buying that I’d like to know if it’s brighter than a street lamp.

Not even close. Street lamps are HID, and are usually 250W, 500W, 1000W HID at that. Now, if you live in a city that has sidewalk post lights, you may be able to outshine one of those with the 240W bulb in this light. Maybe. :wink: