Trustfire F23 for $11.17 at Tmart

I'm sure everyone here has one of these already, but if you don't this is about as cheap as they get. A couple bucks less than the other places and the shipping blows them away.

That's a nice price. Pity I already have one.

Thanks, SirJohn! I had wanted a F23 for the longest time but always figured I didn't need any more AAA/10440 lights because they mostly end up sitting on a shelf but at this price, I simply couldn't resist. :)

I got one. I hope it comes shiny and not brushed like my other SS lights. I've seen several reviews on DX complaining about lights that used to be polished but the factory apparently becomes too lazy to do it after a while.

Thanks for passing that on, I ordered one. My other AAA lights are a KD Buckle, Black Cat, Quark Preon and Fenix E01.

This is another F23 in tmart. This is 160 Lnumens. Guess this is why the price different.

I ordered one of these from tmart a month ago or so, and it's polished, not matte. Love the light, you have to own one at $11. It was delivered in just a few days, as all of my orders with them have been Smile

I really want the F22 but I have to get this at this price!

Thanks for the tip.

Good price and I suggest if you don't have one already then you should take advantage of this. Mine is my EDC and can be found on hanging from my neck on a length of paracord via a tiny split-ring on the torch. That lumen rating is with a regular AAA. With a 10440 it screams and puts out 200-250 lumen. Builds a lot of heat quickly gets HOT!. Just make sure you don't leave the house with a near dead battery because a 10440 is only good for about 20 minutes of use on high. Low mode is great for getting around the dark house and working on PC's and lasts quite a while. The memory works well. shows next might be

UltraFire WF-502B 3W 200 Lumens CREE Q5 5 Mode LED Flashlight with Battery

Hmm. Says battery included. I wonder which 18650 it is.

Look at the pictures (scroll to right if needed). You should vote, too ;-)

Nice blue 2400mA Li-Ion included. I'ma gonna vote for it and if it gets the nod I'll buy it tomorrow for sure. I need to make a habit of checking that site every day! Make sure you vote!!!

Hmmm...looking at the pics it even looks like it has HAIII anodizing.

How is the clip on those 502B's, weak, reasonable, great?

very weak

I like the 502 much better than the 501 which is too sharp for me the 502 has much softer edges ... it's still a very light host .I'm always surprised how cheap/ lightweight it feels ..I like the 503 and 504 much better I never go out of my way to buy these hosts ..they always appear with deals you almost can't pass up .

the f-23 has been a light on my wish list since day one ..just not fond of the green tail cap ..makes it look cheap.

So if the more expensive one is a q3 ..what's in the cheaper one ?

I thought the dx version was an R2 or an xpc ??

Given how these drop shippers work, it's possible it's the same thing (or not) from different people. The watts or lumens number or bin AFAICT is just completely random.

I bought the tmart one but DX has one with an R2 for $12.80