Trustfire MiniX $15.70 on AliExpress

Trustfire MiniX $15.70 on AliExpress

(normal price is $18)

Flash deal ends Oct 5, 2021, 11:59 PM PT

There are two coupons for $1 off, but you can only use one coupon at a time.

(The coupon brings it down to $15.70)

Some are available in [white light and UV light], some in [white light and red light.]

(It depends on the exterior color.)

I ordered one.

Finally you did! Congrats.

Ooh, it comes in purple

And not just any old purple. It’s “Luxury purple”

Subtotal US $16.70
Store Coupons -US $1.00
Total US $17.00

Hmmm…. Aliexpress math is different from what I learned in school. The $1 discount raises the price

Ordered one anyway. I like purple and that will look good clipped onto my laptop backpack.

Yeah, mine was $15.70, but I got charged $16.92

I just figured it was because of sales tax that everyone around the world seems to collect now.

“Luxury purple”
that;s the one i have
it is pretty nice
VERY small
i love small

hate the ui, long clicks for on and off, short clicks for level change
but that is all it does besides UV or red aux LED

you have to pick between UV and red, you do not get both


Long press for on and off… Gonna be a no from me bro.

Nice look and nice price tho

I don’t generally like the long press on/off, but this light will be clipped onto my backpack, where it will get banged against things, so the long press should help with accidental activation. I hope.

Common Core math. :person_facepalming:

Mila made me do it !!!

Has anyone had one apart? Wonder if the emitters are swappable without a degree in rocket surgery

doubt it is worth it to swap emitters

prob cannot get it apart, then the thing may be potted or whatever as well

I see no non-destructive ways to open it.

This might be another TF light using LEDs from Genesis Photonics, so it might be difficult to find a replacement LED. I tried to get their NW CRI80 LEDs to no avail. If someone has a source, I’ll be all ears.

It’s a nice looking light but I don’t understand what makes it different than the many similar rectangular lights that are also out there. As for getting it open: maybe a heat gun around the edges to soften the adhesive holding the ends in? I think if I went to such trouble I’d want to rebuild it completely though, rather than just swapping leds.

1. It has a metal body instead of an easy to damage plastic body.

2. It has easy to access lockout.

3. It's inexpensive.

(These three points are what I'm looking for.)

Take all three of those points into account, and there isn't much competition out there.

Some RovyVon keychain flashlights are also very good, but they need to be at a pretty good discount to be considered "inexpensive."

What would you want to improve? It’s tiny, bright, high capacity, temp regulated, budged priced, has easy and fast soft lockout. Hard to imagine there’s something not to like.

Unheard knows what I'm talking about!

a. does not have a clip

b. will never accidentally activate, because

  1. long press required and
  2. pressure is fairly substantial