TrustFire New EDC MINI-03. stainless steel. 10440/AAA

how about make it the 3rd BLF light? (seems there isn't any word on it yet.)




75mm(L) *14.00mm (D)


hmm, I can not see what this light adds to what is there already (olightA3ss(no blinkies, tailstands), Uf-T1(smaller, tailstands), DQGtinyAAA(smaller, tailstands), even Bronte has one already. If it only had a clicky switch.....

So there's two options that can make it attractive: 1) the price, under 14 dollars, 2) the brilliant UI that the BLF-edition is going to have

Trustfire T2 3 mode NW


UltraFire C20 3 mode NW

I agree with djozz. Here’s a couple of ideas/options to make it more attractive:

- XML2

- XPG2

- NICHIA 219

- Programmable driver

  • Low price ( :bigsmile: )

oh man NICHIA please!

There is one reason I dont own a flashlight with a Nichia led is because the better half reads this forum and she may get jealous as members on this forum think it is so good thanks mainly to OL.


Looks good. High-CRI Nichia 219 would be a must-buy if the price was good.

Thread title says 14500/AA but ops post says 10440/AAA - what gives??

This is a nice enough looking light, but can’t see the point in what it offers over the BLF Mini tbh. Drive this hard and you’ll only end up with shockingly crap runtimes and huge heat.

The Trustfire Z8 has been sold for $11-14 before and would seem to be more torch than this one.

Not saying I hate - I don’t. But can’t say I’d be all that excited about it either.

Would have to agree.

There are lots of good AA lights around already. Would be pretty tough to make a case for another one.

I would love to see more Chinese lights with Nichia 219.


Several billion percent!


High CRI Nichia or GTFO :stuck_out_tongue:

Dudes… Trustfire gave Rey a hard time even when they only have to install Cree NW last time. BLF A8 - remember? Two months of yada yada - cannot source, not enough stock, need to order MOQ et al.

And they can’t even make this simple “bin change” right as some claimed NW are not quite NW at all.

Now, imagine how TF would deal with a whole new Nichia 219 which it does not have experience with. Who’s to know they would even source the right one - there are lots of Nichia’s emitter.

No, I won’t trust TF for the job.

sorry, it's 10440/AAA.


Me too, I don't think they even know what is a Nichia 219.

Well…. that settles that then….

XP-G CRI min 90

see “Variations”

lowlow - low - mid - hi (4 modes)


So buy two. She’s paying for them anyway.

Rey, do you think Tank007 or Xeno might be interested to make a BLF light? Just an idea.