Trustfire TR005 Charger

New Trustfire TR005 Charger $10.29

This charger has an unusual shape, there is a switch on the right hand side for 3.0v and 4.2v batteries

Can Charge 26650, 25500, 26700,18650 and 16340 batteries

In the spec it say:

Output 3.0v 1500mA, 4.2 1500mA

Will that not be to high for 16340

Can someone with better knowledge say in this looks any good?

1500mAh charge rate ? if I read correctly , single bay ...

hmmmm 16340 , yeah don't know about that , though 18650 'n up should be ok ...

?? - Give it a try

1500 mA is way to high for 16340, about half that would be much better. 1500 mA is also slightly above recommended charge current for some 18650 cells.

I can't help but wonder, why in the world is it so difficult for a company to make an all in one charger? The one sysmax came out with had the right concept, but it didn't work properly. A simple charger that can charge lifepo4's and li-ion up to 26650 and we're all set. Surely the technology is there, maybe not the willpower? Has anyone heard if the sysmax intelli-charger is going to be fixed/debugged and re-released anytime soon? Thanks.

I ordered 3 of these from DX for ~ $25 for a numbers of uses (I have quite a few LiFe cells), but I thought they might be good for the people getting the TR-J12. I have no idea if these chargers are even decent, but I'm going to give them a shot and report back.

How about the Ultrafire WF-188?

Does 14500/16340/18650/26650/32650.

Has two voltage settings 3.2v for LiFePO4 and 3,7v for Li-Ion.

Two current settings 300mA and 650mA.

Seems to cover everything.

Just about to try one.

So far I have tried 26650 and 18650 on 4.2v, the highest current I have measured is 630mA

I got one recently and can post the charging algo in about 2 weeks (wrapping up some other testing right now).