Trustfire X9 - Work in Progress

Damn I wish I had access to a lathe. Nice work.

I must admit having someone who can do lathe work for me opens a lot of doors as far as modding lights goes.

Pinkpanda, I am in Perth as well… Absolutely devo I didn’t see your V10r for sale on CPF earlier. I have been looking for one with trits installed for ages!

Damn. Would’ve been happy to help out a BLF’er in Perth. Are you south of the river? I’ll get out the TK61vn we can signal each other :party:

Sure am south of the river!

stuffed 12xAMC nanjg in mine

Ah very nice I didn’t see that thread! So you are seeing around 4.2A now? Did you use 380mA or 350mA 7135s? Have you done anything else to it since you last posted in that thread?

I am de-doming an XM-L2 U2 1A and hoping to see around 6A+ in DD off the VTC5. I really want led4power to release his driver though. The 140% option on it is very appealing. Have also ordered a few different AR coated lenses to try.

Can’t recall exact numbers but it’s about 4A, I was planning to use 3.04A Qlite but since I only had 350mA regulators at that time I could not upgrade Qlite, had to use regular nanjg 105C that I programmed and added 4 x 350mA regulators… When I did that mod I was not familiar with dedoming so unfortunately I did not do that, i only swapped leds.
Dedomed XM-L2 at 6A will rock in that light :smiley:

Well the emitter finally arrived. The MCPCB is from a TN31 and I bought two of them from Thrunite and had them sent directly to Hank from IOS who added some XM-L2 U2 1A emitters to them (at no extra charge to me!!)

I took to it with my dremel and a carbide bit to open the wire holes out a bit, polished the base and de-domed the emitter, I gave the heatsink another clean as it has been sitting for a while, added some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste and screwed it together. It is essentially ready to go now, I am just waiting for the BLF17DD driver to arrive for it!

Looking good. That was nice of Hanks at IOS.

I thought the same! I did buy the bare emitters originally but he offered for me to have them sent there and soldered them on at no extra cost.

I got shipping notification from Mountain Electronics for my BLF17DD drivers yesterday so hopefully not long now!

This is some fine work you're doing here LSX. Beautiful stuff.

Thanks! I appreciate that.

Hi LSX. What was the outcome on your build? Thanks


I need one of those slugs for my X9 also. And I did do the MT-G2 install on mine with a zener modded Nanjg 101 8X. Its definitely not a thrower anymore really. Huge flood light now. I want the throw back, I don't like it. I'm wondering if a dedome would help.. Have not found the info on how to or should I do that yet.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that in the description on FT's website it says input voltage 4.2 - 8.4. Don't use two batteries with it, I fried mine before I even got a chance to see it light up. I spent hours of wasted time trying to get them to change the description and compensate me somehow, they never did. A$$holes.

G’day, I actually forgot about this thread.

I ended up selling the light to a guy in England who was very happy with it.

There are some more photos of the light and some beamshots in the for sale thread HERE

Thanks LSX

Hi SmallerLights. You’re quite attentive :). You’re 100% correct. I’ve landed on the TrustFire X9 for now. Still looking out for something that could be better value for money. I’m looking for something in this form factor, at a good price, for proper modding and big throw (200+ kcd). Will be used as a gun/rifle/hunting light. I still need to find out if I can find a remote pressure switch for the X9.

You could just get a C8 remote pressure switch and pull the switch mechanism out and put it in the X9 tailcap.

Thanks for the recommendation LSX. Excellent.

There isn’t one you have to fabricate something for yourself, thats why I sold my X9 also…