UGHH deal extreme ..., waited over a month and when it got here it was broken

Ordered a cree 3 head lamp from deal extreme . It took one month and one day to get here. wey to long for my liking. I installed battery's and it wont turn on.

I contacted them through customer support, son ow its time for them to step up and make it correct. If i have to wait another month to get theis straightened out the will never have me as a customer again.

Good Luck!

send them a pic asap and send defective to their florida address. then get refund and spend it elsewhere.

I sent them a pic already, we will see what happens.

That's why I grow tired of the Chinese shops that have little desire to satisfy the customer outside of delivering a product that looks like the picture on the listing. So far I'm 3 for 3 on ebay flashlight purchases in the past 6 weeks - all work as advertised and all arrived within 10 days. Waiting a month kills the buzz and playing the flashlight lottery on top of it only makes it worse. Regardless if you have enough money to have a light in the mail at all times, I think there's a certain excitement attached to waiting for a specific light that you've been researching and/or saving up for. I do not shop DX for flashlights at all.

Dx is where i started, 3 defective flashlights later ive been quite satisfied with and

No suprise there unfortunately

1 of 3 light I have ordered from DX been somewhat faulty...

I was strict and wanted new reflector or new light... replacement light on it's way (what a surprise knowing DX's delivery times :D).

EDIT: Replacement came, is working and I'm happy.

EDIT2: After I got UF-2100 I gave both my G10s to my parents :)

I've been buying from DX for years and I've purchased a LOT of stuff from them and have yet to receive a defective item. Lucky I guess but I have nothing bad to say about them.

I heard back from them in a very timely fashion (8 hrs) The will replace mine free of charge, or issue me a credit if I want to order a different headlamp. So far so good.

DX has gone downhill.....they sell so much different crap now. I have received about 25% failures from them. I learned the best recourse to get a timely response and refund is to just do a Paypal dispute.

I've done three with them and got refunds each time, and within 45 days. Of course DX soes not like the customer to have any control of the situation once DX has your money (like when they say you have to drop the dispute before they will take care of the problem), and on their forums they don't want people to know about or to use Paypal Buyer Protection. They go to extremes to try to scare the customer away from it. All lies. It works great and does not affect your Paypal account negatively.

DX refunded my purchase price and did not require me to send back my defective headlamp. If the new one breaks, i have spare parts. I am happy with how fast they rectified my complaint and the manor they rectified it . Now I hope it doesn't take a month for the replacement to get here.

congrats for the results´╝îsatisfied with their attitude

Got the replacement headlamp two weeks ago, it did almost a month to arrive. Way too long, but the results were OK