Ultracell D cell 11000ma battery ?

After looking for information on Ultracell D cell 11000ma battery and coming up empty I ordered 4 on Ebay. I just saw the Ultracell AAA in the battery test list and the results looked bad. Has anyone here tried the D cells? If not I have a hobby charger and will post results. I have one high draw Maglite 2D currently using Tenergy cells powering a red Luminus PT54 @ 8a+. Am working on two more 4D Mags one with an XML the other with a green PT120. Machine my own heat sinks cuz I'm cheap and like the budget concept (got the new PT120 on Ebay under the Samsung part number for $39 free shipping).

I read it's about 4000mAh tested. Not too bad, but not really good for stuff like TK70 unless you are like after 3-5 mins run time in Turbo (may sag too much and kicks into high only). Not what you want for that light. But for others like TK50 it could be ok. For the price it's somewhat ok if your flashlight does not warrant that.

I see that you are in Houston, since shipping is not that expensive from batteryjunction, you should have purchased the Tenergy 10000mAh for $28 for 4. Thing is, for us in other parts of the world it's more expensive overall.

Got my 8 Ds Tenergy Premium white label on eBay from All-Battery for $52 +$6 s&h. Battery Junction blue label were $57 +$10 s&h. The "white vs blue" are most likely the same battery. Used my Turnigy 8150 on them for three 1A/2A charge/discharge cycles and results were good at just a hair 10400ma average for 4 in series discharged to 3.8v @ 2a. Should have not ordered the Ultracell but will test them and report. They will most likely end up in the 4D Mag XML. Mr 2100 thank you for the input on the Ultracells as I should have asked before buying.

Yep, no problem at all. I see that you are already aware of the performance on the Tenergy. My Tenergy LSD 8AH tested to be 8600mAh after a couple of cycles. I use them in my TK70 but also going to try 32600 for apps that require a lighter/shorter light and not as much duration (the unprotected 32600 do offer any low-end "stop", and with current regulation on the light it is dangerous, so need to be very mindful on how much burn it has used up).

Did ask about the Tenergy capabilites on cpf before buying the PT120. A guy named Bigchelis(?) has a Lamba light with 3 SST90s and says it pulls over 20a (possible 30a fresh off the charger) with 4 D cell Tenergys. Max rating of my green PT120 is 30a @ 4300 lumens. Can't wait to finish this project, with an aspherical should look like a Martian Death Ray.

As tested by Lambda (a talented professional Maglite modder), the LSD Tenergys (and others LSD's he's tested) sag when pushed hard. The old blue label versions continue to perform well. Granted, all of his lights deliver maximum rated amperage to the emitter on the least amount of batteries possible, so the sustained amperage demands on the batteries are very high.

During my last camping trip, I used 4 blue D cell tenergys to power a florescent camping lantern. With batteries hot off the charger, the lamp will operate for about 10.5 hrs. The batteries sat for at least 3 months after the last time I charged them and the lantern still delivered at least 10 hours of light. Evidently, the larger standard cells by tenergy are far less prone to self discharging than what marketing hype may indicate.

I had also those blue basic Tenergy D´s. I noticed also, that they don´t lose voltage when stored nearly as fast as for example AA NiMh batteries...

Worked well on Lambda 2D with XM-L.

Also worked well in my triple xml lambda hydra.

I said the same thing on CPF that I'm gonna say here: I wish you U.S. guys would step up with a flat Mag heatsink that: Is budget for us poor folks, not promiseware or vaporware, not a big hassle to get, is available quickly and not made of unobtainium, plus won't send us to bankruptcy court.

Same with tailcaps-with carpal tunnel I'm dying for a fluted C/D tailcap but not at the cost, or near, the cost of a Surefire. The stock one is getting damned hard to twist, even with lube.


Are these the old blue label version you are talking about?


Yes. I bought mine from amazon.com

Thank you.

This might be another stupid question, but what is the difference between those blue ones linked and these : http://www.ebay.com/itm/8-Tenergy-Premium-D-Size-D-NiMH-Rechargeable-Batteries-/330610209049?pt=US_Batteries&hash=item4cf9e77119#ht_2048wt_1373

For clarity, I had those...

The white ones you linked are low self discharge versions (LSD) but dont deliver as much current for as long of a period of time as the blue ones. Lambda said to avoid them, but then his lights are very demanding and draw a lot of current from the cells. Because of the mass of D cells, self discharge apparently isnt an issue with the blue cells unless they are stored for extended periods of time. Mine sat for 3 months and showed absolutely no appreciable losses in capacity.

Oh bugger... must have bought wrong ones, eve though I cannot find any specs on those sale´s mentioning LSD or such.

One more question: if those white ones are LSD´s, how do they differ from Tenergys Centura-line?!


Sorry for the misinformation! I recently went through the research and exercise of purchasing D nimh cells and thought I recognized the white tenergy cells as the LSD version. They seem to have revised their product line since. I did search for recent 2011 tenergy D cell reviews and couldnt find any empirical data. There is a TK70 review using the tenergy premium D cells to power the light and the user didnt mention any shortcomings. He is an advanced user so I asked him for his opinion. Lets wait to hear for a reply. It remains unclear as to weather the new tenergy premium is a re-badged blue cell or a new technology all together.

I did find a few Amazon reviews but nothing helpful in comparing performance with other D nimh cells.

Sorry I wasnt of much help.

I could never get a straight answer about the Premium white and regular blue. At most places the blue are cheaper. Bet they are the same battery with a different label.

Ahhh, yes. Now I get the point, they can just be re-badged..

The Ultracell 11000ma NiMH D cell batteries showed up today. These were ordered off Ebay. Received an email stating they were delayed because of rain damage at a China post office and new ones were sent. I will put them through 3 charge/discharge cycles and report my findings. I did email the seller after ordering, informing them that test were being reported on this forum. They actually responded and offered resolution if there were any complaints.

Well with that price offered on the Ultracell, expect to have much lower figures. (of course not too low). Someone did tests already, think about 4000-5000mAh.