I have (4) Ultrafire 3200’s and (6) 3800’s I’m selling.

These were backup batteries and seldom used them.

Under a year old as well. $25 DELIVERED.


(( Sorry but no pic at present. Still figuring out how to do that here. ))

No laughing. =)

All cells are great by the way!

Are they the warnina blue ones?

Pics please. :)

Blue ones yes. 3800’s are.

The 3200 are the Red ones with the design work.

Sorry about no pics, I haven’t figured out HOW to do it for some reason.

They are like NEW however. Pulled the batteries out about 6 months ago to use after a couple months storage time. =)

Not sure about Warnina…

Medium Bright Blue I would say, if that helps.

I can post pics here quite yet, but if you have a number I can text them to you easily.

I’m mobile at present so some things are a bit difficult.

Anyhow, if these batts were sent to you as new, you wouldn’t know they have had any use what so ever.

Hope this helps!! :slight_smile:


Suprised these have not sold yet…. :)\

Good Batts!!!

Hate to say it but they really aren't that great. They probably have a capacity around 2000 ma.

The red ones are some of the worst 18650s out but for the $25 shipped for all of them, it is dirt cheap and actually a good deal. If I didn’t just obtain enough 18650s for a while, I would snap them up just to have some batteries.

The red ones are not too bad.

These are pretty much fresh and hold nice and bright right to the very end of the cycle.

Well, I’ve got plenty of the red ones that have been hardly used collecting dust, like at least 6 of them. Given half an hour in my ultrafire C8 at around 2.5A and they’re exhausted, or just can’t hold the voltage. Probably o.k if you’re using R2’s, I wouldn’t recommend them for xml lights. Sometimes they would only last around 20-25mins. They all look genuine, and at least some of them would be. But then again, I’ve also got one Uitraflre or whatever the mispelling was.


I run these in my SSC-P7 light at around 700+ Lumens for WELL OVER an hour. ALSO my XML Lumintop TD15X’s at over 700 Lumens for about an hour and a half each go around. All four of them.

What is even more strange is that these deliver solid power up unto the end. My Panasonic 2900’s gradually dim throughout the discharge. ((Wondering))

If I have such a good batch, maybe I should keep em. =)

Yeah, they definitely suck.


Sounds like some have gotten some bad batteries.


Oh, only except some GTL RCR123’s…

Ultrafire batteries are not known to have true capacity labels, nor the ability to withstand high current flows.

Sorry but even if yours are amazing, you’ll have a hard time trying to convince people that these are good batteries, because these just have such a bad track record and are inconsistent why would anyone take the risk. Sure they’re cheap, but batteries are one of the few things that you do NOT want to cheap out on, for safety and reliability reasons.

Well, it appears some have had some bad experiences.

I for one just had to RETURN some defective Panasonic 2900’s.

My FIRST attempt in upgrading. I since have bought some other Panasonic 3100’s. They are ok, but they do not hold voltage so well towards the end of their charge.

At least my Ultafires have held up strong to the bitter end.

Furthermore, I have some 4000 Ultrafires that to date have done nothing but impress. Even my Panasonic 3100’s do not last as long…

As far as the actual milli amps are concerned….some batteries spend those faster than others resulting in more or less time than the other.

Someone enlighten me, please.

Have you read some of the threads on the ultrafire batteries that have been tested?

Edit: here are the links:

In defense of the seller, he is selling them dirt cheap. 10 batteries for $25 shipped. That is $2.50 each. If I had not just bought enough 18650s to last me a while, I would buy them.

They are not the best but they are protected so you can run them in your multi cell lights.

I am surprised these batteries are still here. Also, you guys are giving him a bit of a hard time. He is just selling some cheap batteries at a cheap price. That’s kind of what we like around here.