UltraFire C8 XM-L T6 $7,99 @banggood NOT just today

Just updated the thread, looks like that 8.88$ is a permanent price
I’m not shilling, and never done/will, I just like competition and low prices :stuck_out_tongue:
Is a good seller in my experience, and the price is good.
just remember that often you have what you pay the Convoy C8 (there are many configurations) is way better and so on with xintd etc

UltraFire C8 XM-L T6
is $8.88
$7.99 with the 10% coupon BLF

thanks for the link and the coupon.
I ordered one yesterday!

MixoMaxo is back from Italia!!

Thanks for the heads up. I really didn’t need one but I ordered one anyway.

Thought I’d give one a try. New to the forum, didn’t know about the BLF code, thanks.

Has anyone got one of these yet?
And if so would it be possible to get some pictures of what it can do (the range) as i am tempted to buy one but i would like a good thrower.

It’s pretty much the same as this one on FastTech, except the BG one is black.

OK for the money.


Pulls 4A (!!) on high
Says XML-U2 on the star
Glass lense, aluminum reflector, plastic centering disc on the LED
Heatsink compound under star on pill
OK machining and finish (not great, but I’ve seen much worse)
Threads came lubed


Pulls 4A (!!) on high
Couple on imperfections in the reflector, doesn’t seem to affect the beam much
Tail cap threads are a little short compared to my other C8/C10’s
Missing the o-ring under the lense, causing a rattle until I placed a spare one on
Press fit driver with next mode memory

yes, “NEED” is the key word here. Did I need any of the 25 lights I bought? No.

we must have got a different batch/light because mine only pulls 1.7 and has a hollow pill, only a tiny lip around the edge for the star to sit on.

it does say u2 though.

still great for 8bucks. :bigsmile:

The 2nd C8 I bought, awhile ago, from Amazon, has, to today, been the best one I got, and pulls 3.6+ amps. This includes a Convoy C8, a C8 from FT with a SSC emitter, and C8s from LM and KD.

It was like $10 on Prime, and I didn’t expect much from it when I bought it, but it has been a total surprise.

I’ve never understood why, but it sounds like there must be some generics from different manufacturers, with different components, floating around?

The one I got from banggood only drew 1.9A. I ordered back in May with the same deal ($7.99).

There must be a new batch now cuz mine also pulls up to 4.9A. I ordered it a couple days after this thread was posted. They were out of stock then (didn’t ship for 3 days when they emailed me about it), I told them I’d wait but they were back in stock the next day.

And mine has very sloooow mode memory. I havent timed it yet but Ive been using it every night to walk my dog and it remembers the last mode…high. i cant stand next mode but I can deal with slow memory!

Not bad at all for $8.

The UltraFire C8 XM-L T6 from Banggood doesn’t work. I used a paper clip to test the light and battery…. it worked, but when I screw the tail switch on, it will not. I just sent an email to Banggood. I hope they do right by me…. time will tell

Oh, if anyone has “any” suggestions or helpful tips…… I’m all ears.

Thanks in advance,
Bob from Florida

Nope, that one's not a standard C8 (if there is such a thing). Reflector is MUCH deeper, at 41.5mm, vs. the typical C8 at ~31mm. It also takes a ridiculously thin nonstandard aluminum pill.

Since there's no spring on the driver board for the positive contact, some flat top cells may not make contact. Remove the battery tube from the head and compare the shape of the cell to the driver board.

I “loosened” the tail switch 1/4 of a turn and it’s now working. Thank you guys for the advice but I will say that I like this torch much…much… less than any of my others. I keep telling myself that I can’t win everytime. I want to be honest, it was not a good buy even at $8.00… IMHO

Thank you all again for your help.

Bob from Florida

All of those pulls maximum 1,05A!

I don’t by anymore that kind of cheap crapfire C8’s from there.
Its my first order from Banggood so I’m not sure could they piss me off.

Order has been made in August if matter ;(

Now it is like 12 something, figures …

sorry just saw this today,some flashlight maybe damaged in ship, u can contact me, I'll resend u a new one.


I just noticed they jacked the price up as well. $12.85 its far to expensive for a cheap C8! :Sp

Go for the Convoy C8 for $4 more. Its superior in every way and available with different tint and driver output options.