Ultrafire C8 XM-L T6

Question for you who may have bought this light from this seller. I have been noticing a lot of bids on this sellers C8 normal auctions. Now that tells me some folks seem to think this is a legit version of a C8 and is a bright light. Anyone here bought this light from this seller? And if so how is it? Thanks.


Frankly I think this is the real article with different screen printing. Real glass lens, seems good quality to me. Brightest light I own. Although that may not be saying too much. However, it is much brighter than the Xeno on a 14500 and is also brighter than the P60 host C1 I have with an XM-L T6.


Kind of hard to beat the price. I got mine for just under $20. However, I did have to put an o-ring in the lens as my light didn't come with one. Also the mode arrangement sucks. It goes High, mid, low, strobe, SOS. Thankfully it has memory. Low is all you really need anyway;-) Of course that is no fun!


Yea I think I'm the one that told people about that light here. I have that one.

Well I should say I have one that is the same but called KE-5. I bought it from that seller.

I read your review and that is what prompted me to get the KE-1. However, it is a different light. The KE-5 from your review appears to be a clone of the U80. The KE-1 appears to be a clone of the C8.


Wade, you may be right.

Manafont is selling the same light for $25

I have a UF C8 XM-L I got off ebay a while back, can’t remember the seller but the light is pretty bright. I get 2.7v at the tail with fresh cells. Ill try to post some pics for you guys to compare.

Have the SS bezel version of this in transit.

Well I just won this one. I think it's just like the 3 mode model sold at Manafont. But this one has 5 modes. The delrin spacer surrounding the led looks to be exactly the same. I'm going to say that it's the same type light. That's probably why everyone is bidding on this sellers C8's.


someone paid $23 for a 501B from the same seller, what the...

another c8 sold for US 21.48 approx.

I just called paypal over this case I filed. They got all the photos I sent them in the emails above that I posted. They said right now they have to give the seller the required 10 days to respond which the guy said from the looks of it that it don't look like it will happen, but then I will get my money back. I told the guy at paypal that the seller emailed me through ebay and wanted me to send the flashlight back at my cost to get a full refund, and I refused. I said I'm not stupid enough to send a light back at my cost to this seller who can't be trusted only to hope he would pay my return shipping. He said I don't blame you. I said the only way I would send it back would be if paypal told me to at their expense and even then it would cost about as much as the light itself. He said yea that probably ain't going to happen. So from the initial looks of things right now, I'm keeping this baby and getting a full refund.

I'll keep you guys filled in on what happens.

I got also c8 Q5 for that poor 10$. And Im more then satisfied with it. It can easily throw over 500 m(more then 500 yards). And last night I went to friends soummer house and waited for night to fall. I start to light up surrounding area and accidentally pass with a beam over some windows. Thoes houses were like 300 m away. And suddenly people strated to come out and shout " what to you want" " "what is it".They thought something happened to.

So it a pretty nice light and you want regret for buying one ;)

I hope this is referring to the other thread as I bought one off ebay from your link

Yea I thought I was on the other thread. My bad. This seller here is supposed to be awesome I would guess. Everyone on ebay seems to be bidding on every C8 light he puts on there. That tells me he's legit.

I think the ultrafire C8 is better than the trustfire c8. Time will tell.

It can easily throw over 500 m

It is very subjective to perceive the throw capability, but this is a little exaggeration. :)

It's very subjective indeed . Guys with flooders really like how their flashlight throws @ 150m , others aren't that satisfied with dedicated throwers @ 200m

I got mine in 7 days. How is that possible. It is an xm-l. Looks like my kd c8. Aluminum pill. Smo reflector. 2.5A