Ultrafire headlamps: reducing bouncing

Some of us have found that the bigger & heavier Ultrafire headlamps, like the H3 and H6, can bounce a little bit much for our liking; especially the H6 since it has a narrower beam where you notice the bouncing more.

Sool found a way to reduce the bouncing by threading the strap and buckles a special way:

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Sool’s solution wasn’t ideal for me though, so I tried something different. I had a piece of 1/8” ABS plastic lying around so I cut a chunk of it, drilled and filed holes in it (not very accurately as you can see), and then boiled it in water so I could bend it a little. It seems to work pretty well. I just wore my H6 for about an hour and it wasn’t too uncomfy, although it is a little bit less comfy than without the ABS piece. It definitely bounces much less than before.

If I had to do it over again, I would try thinner ABS, or a different, more flexible plastic, but I’m satisfied the way it is.

(Note: before I figured out this solution, I also tried gluing small pieces of ABS just to the areas around the strap loops, to stiffen those loops, but I couldn’t find a glue that worked. I tried cyanoacrylate, rubber/contact cement, epoxy, and a glue gun.)

Edit: one final pic:

An interesting concept that achieves a similar objective.

Ultimately, it’s all about bolstering the strap at the point where it supports the light.

By default, the holder is located at the opposite side of the strap to the buckles; hence the strap’s elasticity leads to the bounciness. This problem is further compounded by the flexibility of the soft silicon lamp holder.

Petebaby’s solution will serve to reduce the bounciness on both counts.

P.S. I am fascinated to see that your light still bears its clip. I had to remove mine in order to obtain the required downward pointing angle required to illuminate the path ahead of me. I plugged the screw holes with a dab of silicon sealant.

Ah, you must have an H3. The clip on the H6 isn’t screwed on, and can rotate freely around the light. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sool for making me aware that the bobbing was bothering me, and for your solution, which led me to my own solution. :slight_smile:

Yep, I have 2 x H2bs and a H3b, and all the clips have been removed to permit full rotation within the silicon holder.