UltraFire M5 XP-G R5 120 lumen AAA flashlight - $1.30 at DX (sold out)

EDIT: seems to be some problems with ordering.
2ND EDIT currently working, just bought 5 for $6.50

Just spotted this and for $1.30, it also has R5 printed on the side so I would assume its a genuine CREE XP-G R5 LED.

I don’t use AAA’s but at this price I might buy some to give away, they would make good stocking fillers for those that do that as well.

Not sure if its a mistake or not but in the past they have honored pricing errors.

With the $5 DX promotion voucher you could buy 8 for $5.40.


Just bought 8, with the code thats $0.68 each.

Which code ezarc?

Extremely good find, thanks!
I too will buy 8, and just chuck them at people.

After PayPal I thought I had bought them, for some reason it says:

0x80091003: Some items’ quantity exceeds their sales limit. Place order failed.

There is no PayPal charge though.


You can get a code from this thread HERE, there was over 2000 when I got mine about 10 mins ago.

I thought it was some other code ezarc:-)

I believe you can’t complete the order because it is under 10$.

So, I will try to order some enabling BULKRATE and tell you the results.

Whoa! Nice find indeed! :open_mouth:

Thanx for sharing ezarc. :slight_smile:

8 x $1.30 = 10.40

$10.40 - $5 = $5.40 (thats how it should have worked)

But now even just testing it with 1 I am unable to buy still.

Let me know if you do you can order?

Probably some automatic sale stop was triggered because the item was being sold much more than averagely.

Got same warning.

Can’t order it anymore. :frowning:

This can only take the standard AAAs and no Li-ions, right?
Any idea, how bright this one really is (compared to other AAA lights)?

Same here…can’t even order 1. I think I have wasted more time on dx than the measely $5 coupon was worth. Oh well…

me too. cant do much anyway

This seems to be working fine now, I just bought 5 successfully.

Thanks for the heads up!

I just ordered 2

I just ordered 1, did not work earlier.
My first AAA light… :slight_smile:
Ill probably put a Nichia 119 into it… That will be one cheap high-cri light! :slight_smile:

be careful guys, DX will “find” the glitch and they will cancel the orders…. Too many orders of this item in a small amount of time will trigger an alarm…

but… anyone of the guys that ordered it yesterday got a shipping confirmation or something?

PS: If dx finds this, they will not ship the orders and they will tell us “item is not in stock, you want to cancel the order or change….”

Just added another 1..... what the heck.. 1.30 for an AAA light with XPG!! can`t get any cheaper than that

8 for $5.40. That’s a good deal. I could give these to my loved ones as gifts.