Ultrafire T80 dual switch hidden strobe light - New at FastTech!

Ultrafire T80 dual switch light now at FastTech. Looks and sounds really nice! Nice price at $35.60 too!

FastTech Details:

  • Cree XM-L U2 bin LED with 50000 hour life span
  • High efficient constant current circuit and output-luminance
  • Microcontroller drive circuit
  • Tail button to turn on/off the flashlight, and enter tactical high mode
  • Side button to switch light modes
  • Hidden Strobe and SOS, quickly click side switch 2 times to enter Strobe Mode, quickly click 2 times again to enter SOS Mode
  • Working voltage: 2.7V/8.5VDC
  • Runtime: High output at 2.6A: 66LM max for 112 minutes; Low output at 0.1A: 66LM max for 12 hours
  • HA-III hard anodized aircraft grade 6063-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Ergonomic grip with anti-roll design
  • Tactical forward tail cap switch
  • Tail diameter: 26mm
  • Body diameter: 25mm
  • Head diameter: 45mm

So whose game to try it?


Good price. It’s the 7g6cs clone I believe. The other Crelant clones worked pretty good.

Is the 66 lumens high, a typo?

Edit: yeah, a typo there… Looks like 710 on high.

it comes with a nice case too:)

looks nice, but for $1.40 less, I’d go w/ the crelant from md-lightsource and do without the holster and case

That is a nice looking light, would really be interested in seeing a review. Recently I was in a store and got to play with a lot of lights, one thing I’ve noticed is the budget brands like ultrafire have really stepped up their machining when it comes to knurling and finish, perhaps at solarforce levels.

Yeah it probably is the v6cs….

Huh? Shows up $44.95 on their website. You using a discount code? I would agree with you at that price.

EDIT - wait, that's the 7G6CS, here's the V6CS for $38. So which is it the clone of? Looks more like the V6CS to me.


Looks like a V6CS to me. There’s a code for Crelant lights that madecov posted somewhere. Good for this month I think.

Thanks for sharing; it really looks like one of the nicer ’X-’Fire lights I’ve seen (also the first one to appeal to me, visually). I’d probably go with the Crelant at MD-Lightsource considering the price difference is minimal. Or the Blaze X at ShiningBeam for similar performance with a different UI.

Yeah, crenellated stail w/o stainless, v6cs

also, used code BLF

if there’s another, it might be even cheaper, but I think he just marked down the price itself?

I’m’ not sure because I mentally blocked thinking too much about it when I saw his post - now Garry has me considering another light i don’t need :stuck_out_tongue:

The host looks great. Its to bad that most dual voltage x-fire lights dont regulate on a single cell and only achieve max lumens on 2 cells. Unless someone proves otherwise with this particular light, this will be a pass for me.

So is the Crelant version infinitely variable for brightness?? Is the ultrafire the same? I’ve been wanting a ramping side switch light for a long time. Have a finally found a good looking budget version?

I have one on it's way from LightsCastle but the package is stuck at Hong Kong post office (together with 3 other shipments) for almost a week now :(

HK post office has become one huge PITA...

Even the Crelants aren’t regulated on one cell.

the flashlight is great, and i like the package box, very convenient to carry, just like a tool box.

So you have one? If so hows the fit and finish?

So you would carry that box with you everywhere?

I though the poster was referring to the 7G2CS, which I owned. It’s a well-built light (noticeable step up from Solarforce, for example), but the ramping was a bit slow and he CW tint was a little too cool for my taste. It’s still a lot of light for the current sale price @md.