Undisclosed Prize Giveaway! CLOSED: Winners are MRsDNF and Scheven_architect.

So, as usual, I said something stupid over in Dale's thread, My Morning in an effort to elicit a smile or a laugh. Texaspyro tossed up some funny links and I bookmarked the one referencing cat recipes in my wife's cooking folder. Now it is a contest! Whomever guesses closer to the actual time and date that she finds/comments to me about it will win an undisclosed prize. I don't know what it is at the moment or I'd tell you all. I'm sure it will be cheap, crappy, of no use, and will likely make you cry. Pulsar has already guessed Monday the 17th of December @ 4:59 PM and GottaZoom guesses today @ 2:15 PM. Any other takers?

finds or comments :slight_smile:
8:59 AM EST, 17DEC2012

19th of december 7 am. Just make sure to make a video of her finding it!

December 16, 3:48 eastern time

[edit: d’oh! I lose! Oh well, great giveaway idea though.]

23rd december 9am

LOL! I predict today at 12:15pm on your time zone

21 december 9pm

Dec 22, 4 pm.

Dec 16 20:00…

Can I ask if she often on average recipes from there?
Maybe like a few times a week or once a week or once a month or once very few months?

Your a “Dead Man Walking” right now for you will not be able to send anything out………

nice idea for giveaway.

DEC 18 20:30

19th of december 07:10 a.m.

12/17/monday 5 :00P.M.

Why you ask ?? I watched pulsar win crelant lights on cpf like they were candy ..he has to be very close ..i'll just take the over ...

I don’t really know. She is a really great homemaker in the traditional sense so I think she does most of it from memory, but she is gearing up for CHRISTmas and I would imagine she will go to the file/folder.

If it escapes her notice, and you guys concur, I’ll just do a random number thing… I don’t know… how about 1/1/13? Hopefully we’ll all have the fun of her finding it before then.

I still think you should set up the webcam on your computer to record it. ;)

Sounds good by me. But LOL, I only said Sunday @ 2:15p, not just today! 0:)

Dec 23, 1pm

19th of december 08:50 a.m.

18 Dec 10am