Uniquefire UF-1405 - A worthy zoomy?



Been some discussion on this light in the Fastech interesting new products thread, but thought it should have its own thread.

This light seems to fill a gap that is non existent in the budget light world. Large aspheric head. Two cells stacked means you will be able to push the latest gen emitters as hard as you would like.

A ZY-T13 will be pushing 200kcd with a Crelant Collimator head and a dedomed XRE at 1.8a. That head has a diameter of 67.1mm, and this head has a diameter of 71mm. Not sure if that extra 4mm or so is ate up with the thickness of the head walls/bezel. But it may have a larger lens

On Fasttech, it says it has a resin (plastic) lens, but on the Alibaba page it states it is a glass lens.

Pretty sure one of these will end up in the collection, because as of now, I have no aspheric lens throwers and no zoomies either. When I see this light, I think add $10 in parts and you can have a 300kcd thrower, if not significantly more

I think there needs to be a group buy, just saying.

I was thinking of starting a thread about this light too.

Seems really interesting. Anyone ordered one?

I was thinking 5A buck driver and de-domed XP-G2.

+1 with RaceR86 on that. djozz already ordered one. Interesting it's under the UniqueFire brand name, same as the T20 - they have always been a little higher quality.

I’m confused by the Subject of the OP. Is this a zoomy, or a fixed aspheric?

It is a zoomie, but I am comparing it to the Crelant head because it is about the same size and looks a lot like it

Is the spot when it zoomed out (in?) square (the shape of the emitter), or is it round like in the pic on FT?

It's supposed to be a zoomie. The product link shows a picture in flood and in zoom positions.

Looking forward to hearing more about this light. It looks great. 70mm head. Yay!

Im guessing it can be focused to show the die, but Fastechs pics and descriptions can be less than accurate a lot of times. But I think we will have to wait for someone here to get one before we can be sure about anything.

I have been debating pretty hard about this one, but I just bought an x40 not to long ago and had a rather large unexpected bill this week... so will probably be Wednesday before I order

Ditto - that was on the GB, right :)?

Yeah. Probably shouldnt have, but I did

I ordered the 2 X 26650 one on Saturday via USPS. I cant do much of a review on output but I can give an overall impression and some driver /emitter sizes.

Cant wait to hear, though I will probably be ordering it before you get yours. Just posted up a pretty hard to get e-cig mod for sale for $200. Should be a quick sale for some play money


If it is what I hope (decent lens, pill, buck driver with possible resistor mod) I will do the obvious first: dedomed xpg2@4amps and laser away :-D

I'll bet that fastech is right about the plastic lens, considering the price. I would also bet the actual dome area is smaller in diameter then 67mm. Substantially smaller, from the looks of it. Maybe it will be good for a glass lens replacement and an SST-90 mod, if there's any kind of room for a heat sink in it.

KD has 64mm and 65mm aspherics, that might be modded into it.



and DX has a 66mm one


I can feel another order coming on

I would trust the Alibaba specs more than fasttech any day. FT has a bad habbit of mis listing product materials.

I know dx had a aspheric lens that fits the crelant head that was better than the stock. Maybe that one will fit this too if the lens is no good.

This light really catches my attention, big aspherical lens flashlight with budget price is so tempting.

Some members mentioned about changing the lens into DX 66mm glass lens. I have one 66mm lens from DX laying around, while it may fits inside this light the focal length may not be exactly the same though.

That is a good point. But the DX lens was a better replacement than what the stock Crelant head had in it. Scratched and full of bubbles. Was a disappointment.