Uniquefire UF-1405 - A worthy zoomy?

hi, could you suggest me a new driver to mod my unit? i would push higher amps and lumens from the original xm-l2 led.

but… i only find driver that does require 1lithium battery. i need one that can push over 4amps and accept 2s battery configuration

AFAIK there is no any good 17mm buck driver that can handle high current (>4A) at the moment.

I use the LD-4B in my 1405 with an added R120, I did not measure the output current but I got 2.4A at tail. Its light output is good but I personally won’t recommend anyone to go high current with this LD-4B because high current is really pushing its limit. After the resistor-mod the driver mode changing behaves strangely and and the light cannot be operated for more than 3 minutes on high mode otherwise the driver will be overheated. In short it is not really a good setup but I can’t find anything else better right now.

The focal length looks very short from the pictures, I thought longer focal lengths are better for throw. Anyone knows what is the focal length of the lens?

I’ve never measured the focal length of it, but focal length has nothing to do with throw. The lens diameter is what matters.

I found on this spanish speaking thread that the difference in length between flood and zoom is 2.5cm, so I assume the focal length must be around 25mm.

Diameter definitely plays a role but I thought that the focal length affects the divergence angle which would affect throw.

No, the focal length will not influence the throw at all. The difference in focal length only determines the amount of lumens loss.

Let’s assume there are two pieces of aspherical lens, both having the same diameter (say 50mm), same build quality but come with different focal length:
The one with shorter focal length will ‘collect’ more light emitted from the LED, hence lower lumens loss and the projected die shape will be bigger;
The one with longer focal length will ‘collect’ less light emitted from the LED, therefore higher lumens loss and the projected die shape will be smaller.

But if you measure the candela (throw) of both cases they will be the same.

The idea of pre-collimation lens is also the same.

You are right about the example. The only way to benefit from a longer focal length is to also increase the lens diameter so that you are collecting the same amount of light but with a reduced projected die shape which would give more throw. I never heard about pre-collimation lenses, is there a good website with more information that you would recommend reading?

Hmm… I can’t think of any good source to read about the collimation things at the moment. My very limited knowledge was gained from reading different threads and discussions here in BLF and playing around with different sizes of lens.

This thread has some photos and illustrations constructed by the OP. Maybe you can visualize something from there?
Dr. Jones’s thread is less related to your question but more about the dedome phenomenon. Anyway it is still a good read though. It is very informative.

Maybe other members can chime in and help. :slight_smile:

Hi friend,

I will give an example of different 50mm lenses (left tablo A9 right Dereelight Nightmaster) and my observations on them:

- They both have same die projection, but left lenses has cleaner die image

- Right lenses have about 15% more throw but they also have much less flood when zoomed out than left lens

Left lenses: clear die projection, and very good flood mode

Right lenses: fuzzier die projection but more throw, and very weak flood mode

Mystery to solve why left lenses have less throw than Right one?

Same thing happens with goread a2 50mm lenses which are even lower profile than left(tiablo) lenses on picture, and goread lenses give excellent die projection, even better flood mode but still much less throw then right lenses on picture, and now less throw than left(tiablo)lenses.

So conclusion here from my redneck testing method(all lenses tested in same host but I had to use different distances from emitter) is that lenses with lower profile, or lower height will have less throw but clearer die projection and the better flood mode than the one with longer profile.

Dereelight lenses beat all mention lenses of same diameter but with terrible flood mode comparing to other ones.

I want to say Bibihang that candela difference of right lenses is 15% more throw on left(tiablo) lenses and 25% more throw on goread a2 lenses(short profile 50mm lens) so candela difference is very visible and they don't have same measurements as they supposed to have by your theory

Bibihang's explanation is not a theory, it is an explanation that need not to be proven, it is simple high school optics. (thanks btw, usually it is me who has to do that explanation ;-) )

That said, the simple lens theories do not include lens quality, it assumes perfect lenses. So if you find throw differences between lenses, it may also be a quality issue. Luminarium ejaculator has done testing on that.

When I hear name Djozz it immediate associate me to BLF. Djozz is BLF.

To continue testing... Forgot to say that right lenses can be put at shorter distance from emitter for best focus while left lenses need spacer and of course larger distance from emitter, and Goread a2 lenses needs 2 spacers and greater distance from emitter to achieve best focus.

Thank you both luminarium iaculator and djozz for helping out here. :slight_smile:

When I was talking about identical diameter of lenses will produce the exact same candela (throw) I was assuming everything else is same (including the lens quality) except the focal length - Sorry for not making it clear earlier.

Has anyone put an MTG2 into one of these as talked about early on in this thread? I would imagine that the throw would be lowered?

Wow! Did they actually see djozz’s mod earlier?

It is available in shorty version now!

Hey :Angry: !!!! :Wink:

This looks promising...

Wonder if protected 18650 fits inside this little monster.

For example in Goread A2 you can barely fit classic 18650 cell and protected no chance:

What do you think guys is this tight fit with unprotected cell or it got some space for protected 18650?

Looks tempting...

So now, with the improved switch and shorty version, this flashlight brings 400kcd in reach of even the clumpsiest/laziest budget flashlight modder!!! :-) :-)

So, yes, now the 1405 is a very very worthy zoomie!!

You should have patented your mod before. :smiley:

I have asked the sales rep in Alibaba and they told me they have not started mass producing this shorty version yet. They need to wait until some retailers (like FT, BG, GB…) make orders then only they will start producing this shorty version.

Did you notice that the shorty in your picture above is labeled 1504 instead of 1405? :lol:

Yes I forgot to mention that this shorty version is named as “1504” as shown in their website as well as on the head itself haha.

Yes the 1504 is the best bang for the buck thrower at the moment! But there is one annoying thing about the 1405 (and probably same with this 1504), that the focusing for maximum throw is out of position, did anyone else realize this? The lens was sitting too close with the LED, and I had to add a piece of wire under then o-ring to “raise” the position of the lens and now it is perfectly focused.

Lux reading of my modded 1405 before and after “raising” the lens:
Before: 310kcd
After 365kcd

That makes quite a lot of difference. I do believe this problem still does exist on the shorty version (1504).