Uniquefire UF-1405 - A worthy zoomy?

Ask them to do a version with XM-L2 U2, a decent driver (at-least 3A on high) and without the cr*p battery. This version is only with IR LED.
Maybe we can get a group buy.

Wow O.o i should sell mine now and get that shorty :heart_eyes: ADDICTION WILL NEVER END :evil:

I will try to suggest them using high current driver or even better with Nanjg 105C driver, but I doubt they will listen to me.

I have already owned a 1405 too, so unless the price of this 1504 is really good and hard to pass up otherwise I don’t think I will buy the same light (literally) again.

I have contacted with someone from Uniquefire and suggested to make the new Uniquefire 1504 the new shorty one with an Anti reflection coating on the LENS, well they have responded 2 times

First they thought that i was talking about the flat lens that comes with reflector lights,


This is the first message they sent

Hi khaled ahmed,

Have a nice day!

The UF-1504 will be produced next month as you said,

The suggestion you gave mean that the lens will be the flat glass lens with reflector cup, not convex lens, is that right?


Then i explained and sent to them a pic for the JAX Z1 lens with the Anti reflection coating on it wothout sending the name of the light only a pic for the lens

They responded with the following


Hi khaled ahmed,

Ok, I will negotiate with production department about the change,


I hope they really make this light with the AR Lens

And i asked them to make XM-L2 version

good work here! So Uniquefire actually is people and a factory, not just a brand name to be used by any chinese trader?

truly a unique brand *badum-tss* :P

Well, this is quite tricky. I did chat with the Uniquefire sales rep in Skype many times before. If you contact the seller with the name “Shenzhen Homesafety” in Alibaba then I think yes, they are good manufacturer who has sales rep that answers inquiries.

But I still believe that there are other Uniquefire “clones” in China…

(image search also finds some potato mashers and other flashlights as well as this topic)

Yes thats the one i was talking to “Shenzhen Homesafety” in Alibaba

Alibaba link

pretty neat that they even use proper IR Oslons, there will be hunters/gatherers ;-) interested in this.


UF-1407, not a shorty

question on the shorty mcshort short…how the heck do you hold that thing? Seriously?

Put in a product request at fasttech

We need to get someone to stock this. I want to order one asap, but I don’t feel like ordering 20-50 of them lol

I’m in for 2…

I almost hate to say this but this has become a popular light and at some point I think we should try to do a group buy on this light. Tell them what we want and get it made right the first time. If they are willing to listen to changing to AR coated optics, then maybe they will change whatever we want to make it a better light. We’ve had multiple group buys that have been more than successful to prove our case. I’m all for modding lights but not if I can get the same thing from a group buy cheaper.

I’m in for that too! XD

Yes the shorty can be the best thrower for the size but I also see a problem with the handling because of the big knob in the middle, also there is the weight repartition to consider.
Otherwise I’m in for a groupbuy !

Just look at the size difference !

I’d take at least 2 on a group buy

Sorry I wasn’t trying to derail this thread into a group buy, so please don’t turn it into that guys. I was just throwing the idea out there if somebody has enough gumption to get the ball rolling. It would be a tough one as some people would want the 1405, some the 1504, some xp-g2 or xp-l or xm-l2 plus the 5000 different tints. I have no clue how to start this and I definitely don’t feel comfortable to do it. Was just throwing an idea out because this thread has over 300 replies and I bet we could get 200-250 sold easy, especially since most would want multiple such as myself.

I took the initiative and emailed shenzhen homesafety electronics co. to even see if they would entertain the idea.

Problem with a group buy on the '1504' shorty is that the only way this light really throws to the max (400kcd) is with a dedomed led (xm-l2 or xp-g2), everyone will want that, and no manufacturer will provide it.