Update: 10-22-17. KRONOS K70 GB. $50. 243 on list!


List is updated.

The new driver is indeed outperforming the older version…over 10 amps with AWC batteries! :THUMBS-UP:

The lumen output is not there though…~4600 lumens. I’m thinking it should be more than that. :FACEPALM:

JohnnyMac has yet to test his…so we’ll see what is going on with his sample…hopefully soon.


List is updated.

A BIG :THUMBS-UP: goes out to The Miller for keeping the K70 list updated for these past few weeks. I know he and I have clashed at times in the past, but that didn’t stop him from jumping in and helping out. Thanks!

I just received the new high amp driver. I haven’t soldered in a while, and I was never great at it anyway…so Robo is going to solder this new driver in for us. We should have it done by Thursday. He also has a light box…so we should have amp and lumen numbers as well!

I know it is taking awhile (so what else is new)…but we want to really get this one right.



I’ve updated the interest list, now moved below this update to make it easier to see…we are closing in on 175 units.

We have some newer, more powerful drivers developed that will hopefully get us into the 8+ amps mark. They are being sent to us for testing. We will have additional information as soon as we can get them tested.

There might be some other outstanding answers to questions, but please be patient. This new driver will hopefully get us pretty close to going into production.



1) JohnnyMac
2) JohnnyMac
3) JohnnyMac
4) kronological
5) kronological
6) kronological
7) Bugsy36
8 ) Bugsy36
9) Bugsy36
10) robo819
11) robo819
12) robo819
13) fdr2164
14) Tom E (w/SMO reflector)
15) leaftye
16) RobertB
17) Andybibbville
18) djburkes
19) stephenk
20) unknown00101
21) Mr.Scott (OP & SMO reflector)
22) Mr.Scott (OP & SMO reflector)
23) Slayer1 (OP & SMO reflector)
24) Slayer1
25) Red454
26) LightRider
27) kotobuki
28) mattlward
29) KutKhemist
30) HighCaliber
31) korpzgrinda (OP & SMO reflector)
32) octav (SMO)
33) gehrmo (OP & SMO reflector)
34) y_Pierre
35) Ramblings
36) Ramblings
37) Yourrid (OP & SMO reflector)
38) Sprinkles
39) Gerrit (w/SMO reflector)
40) maukka
41) Ozythemandias (w/SMO reflector)
42) strongest2004
43) Wrathbringer27
44) Charga
45) texas shooter
46) tantrik77
47) slow2go
48) casi29061965
49) aors10
50) FrankFlash
51) Phantom1
52) Duke
53) ikkentobi
54) Box
55) baldo21
56) baldo21
57) Flummi
58) Sledgestone
59) Pok
60) archimedes
61) Hardware
62) I_SpY
63) akoposilester
64) akoposilester
65) pook
66) Muto (OP & SMO reflector)
67) Muto (OP & SMO reflector)
68) ReManG
69) Jinx
70) nbjly
71) RapidLux
72) atbglenn
73) gangstead
74) PineyJustice
75) dcox (non blf buyer)
76) Gerrh
77) Gerrh
78) billoz
79) khaynes (non blf buyer)
80) sehlers (non blf buyer)
81) D10ten
82) yasenf
83) Saigon
84) OrangePeel (OP & SMO reflector)
85) shan6oob
86) Richie086 (OP & SMO reflector)
87) M78
88) blueb8llz (w/SMO reflector)
89) bkerwick (non blf buyer)
90) kleslie (non blf buyer)
91) leroycp (w/SMO reflector)
92) leroycp
93) SteveMidwest (OP & SMO reflector)
94) gregor
95) Joat
96) gorb507
97) KawiBoy1428 (OP & 2 SMO reflectors)
98) Tete
99) uqs1000
100) pirate joe 22
101) Smittymojo
102) carmantl
103) carmantl
104) eric800
105) mikeyx
106) troisanh (OP & SMO reflector)
107) everydaysurvivalgear (w/SMO reflector)
108) nodoubt
109) fed893
110) Hezekiah (OP & SMO refector)
111) Frankie Baby
112) sb56637
113) scdaf
114) Candil
115) T18 (OP & SMO reflector)
116) Guns712
117) asnidi2
118) Glenn7 (OP & SMO reflector)
119) Keepitsharp
120) decoman68
121) netprince (OP & SMO)
122) Phantom1
123) vinte77 (OP & SMO reflector)
124) Caleb
125) square74
126) firedome
127) jescereal
128) solRNY (w/SMO reflector)
129) leroycp
130) pleply
131) slow2go
132) slow2go
133) Wieselflinkpro
134) weklund
135) Erwin18
136) southland (w/SMO reflector)
137) Phantom1
138) MCT
139) Gj (OP & SMO reflector)
140) Gj (OP & SMO reflector)
141) casi29061965
142) Scooter000
143) Bam35
144) mezzmen7
145) nqcken
146) Shadowcactus (w/SMO reflector)
147) Mike72
148) Rusty Joe
149) Hawaiian Eyez
150) emarkd (OP & SMO reflector)
151) Dirt (OP & SMO reflector)
152) rizky_p (OP & SMO reflector)
153) yasenf (w/SMO reflector)
154) yasenf (w/SMO reflector)
155) Sukoi (OP & SMO reflector)
156) The Imp (w/SMO reflector)
157) zortan (OP & SMO reflector)
158) Tarvos (OP & SMO reflector)
159) Newlumen
160) gangstead
161) pirate joe 22
162) Mr.Poppy
163) glockboy
164) xCentrino
165) SubSailorVet (w.SMO reflector)
166) SamHaLeKe (OP & SMO reflector)
167) SamHaLeKe (OP & SMO reflector)
168) nodoubt
169) nodoubt (w/SMO reflector)
170) gleamer (OP & SMO reflector)
171) ZozzV6 (w.OP reflector installed) (host available?)
172) Cythras
173) Athlon2350
174) eric800 (w/SMO reflector installed)
175) MountainMan (OP & SMO reflector)
176) MountainMan (OP & SMO reflector)
177) krutone (OP & SMO reflector)
178) tekwyzrd (w/SMO reflector installed)
179) pelle470
180) flasky
181) jamaya (OP & SMO reflector) (2 batteries)
182) BorisBar
183) olivedrab
184) Ragsy (w/SMO reflector installed)
185) fed893 (OP & SMO reflector)
186) Itsme (smooth reflector, and holster please)
187) R10500 (w/SMO reflector installed)
188) Silent_Star
189) magnet (w/SMO reflector installed)
190) raynman (OP & SMO)
191) Flomotion (w/SMO reflector installed)
192) Tom Tom (OP & SMO reflector) (2 batteries)
193) Tarvos
194) Twistedvizionz
195) Corzy (OP & SMO reflector) (extra centering rings)
196) jamaya (w/SMO reflector installed)
197) kotobuki
198) cressdrvr (w/SMO reflector installed)
199) maildroid (w/SMO reflector installed)
200) wstrachan (w/SMO reflector installed in case of XHP70.2)
202) Boldo
203) IH8MYX
204) pipa
205) ersecu (OP and SMO)
206) boostedsubie (SMO)
207) sandanbob
208) Kindle
209) Flying Luminosity
210) Komichi
211) cheesecheeks
212) Sparkey762 (SMO)
213) Sparkey762 (SMO)
214) Satan@103TFS (OP if XHP70/ SMO if XHP70.2)
215) westcoastwonders
216) zoysiamo (SMO)
217) Kysumi
218) Bonca
219) caffeine_addict
220) Tender (OP & SMO reflector)
221) xdouang
222) FindThisHumerus
223) Komichi
224) OrangePeel (OP & SMO reflector)
225) Kurt_Norway (SMO)
226) iggi
227) Delta_V
228) MaleNurse (OP & SMO reflector)
229) strayz (SMO)
230) JPM3
231) xray291
232) pieman7
233) wilwok (OP & SMO)
234) alberto7
235) slimkango
236) somnambulism (OP & SMO)
237) Flomotion (SMO)
238) 10fp (SMO)
239) Kurt_Norway (SMO)
240) Kurt_Norway (SMO)
241) Tunerman
242) Crazyeddie
243) dsiddens (SMO)


It looks like there might be enough interest in a SMO reflector. I’ll see if we can swing it based upon minimums, etc.

Please also remember that this GB is for a complete K70 light, not for individual reflectors sold only by themselves. Initial SMO reflector interest will be geared toward KRONOS K70 GB participants. Individual SMO reflectors may or may not be available at some point after that.

If we are able to offer a SMO reflector, it will most likely come installed for those that prefer it over an OP reflector. Or, as people have mentioned, we could perhaps offer it as an extra option so that the light would come with both. I don’t know if an extra reflector will fit in the existing box, so that could factor in as well.

I’ll update this thread when I know more information.

Thank you guys for all the interest! :THUMBS-UP:



How much interest is there in a SMO (smooth) reflector? We believe that one can be done, but would like to know the interest. Yes? No?

Edit: If interested, please indicate if you are interested in the SMO reflector, the K70 light…or both.

We have reduced the price of the KRONOS K70. Price is now $50/delivered! :THUMBS-UP:

Pricing on holster is $6.
Batteries…$15 (for qty 2).
We are evaluating which charger we will offer a good package deal on. Ideas?

^ Another photo I took, edited by Joshk ^

I have been working on my photo skills, using a Light Box here if you are interested . I should have some more pics of the K70 as I get the settings more dialed in. There are also holster pictures further below. Here is a sample photo:

^ My new pic of prototype ^

Time to roll out the next KRONOS light, the K70. It has been a loooooong time! We decided to start this GB thread after the light was further along in development, instead of dragging it out over several months, or possibly over a year. Thanks for being so patient!

^ Latest Render ^

The KRONOS K70 was designed in cooperation with ThorFire, and based on their beastly S70. Originally, we only planned to upgrade the internals/UI to fully realize the potential of this light. We soon came to the conclusion that a re-design of the host was also needed to overcome some design issues with the original S70. Therefore, the KRONOS K70 is not just a simple re-design, but a new light with plenty of oomph. Our goal is a walloping 8-9 amps!

Please check out the prototype/development pics. We will update with pictures and specifications after samples are received and tested:

^ New and improved host design, with added Stainless Steel bezel, large, diamond knurling and larger tailcap, providing excellent grip ^

^ Front pics with view of upgraded Stainless Steel bezel and OP reflector ^

^ Improved tail-standing and handling with wider, slip-resistant tailcap ^

^ New Cut-away…improvement on head design. Notice 8mm thick emitter shelf, 6mm thicker than standard S70, less dead air (more material left when machined), and a stepped reflector. Improved heat sink/efficiency ^

^ Internal view of K70 head. Cu MCPCB w/DTP ^

^ Internal view of new tailcap, and plenty of thick threads on the body ^

^ Now with a Nylon Holster…Perfect for LEOs/First Responders ^

^ Other development renders ^

Our design team consists of JohnnyMac, Bugsy36, robo819 and kronological. The Results? We believe that you will be very pleased with the massive output, excellent heat-shedding, comfortable ergonomics and fantastic UI of the KRONOS K70.

The first beta sample is almost ready to ship to KRONOS for scrutiny. Until then, here are the preliminary specs of what this light is all about (Note: Specs are subject to change due to our findings, of course):


  • 4 Modes (Xs will be filled in after we perform real-world testing).
    Moon/XXX lumens/XXX amps.
    Medium/XXX lumens/XXX amps.
    High/XXX lumens/XXX amps.
    Turbo/XXX lumens/XXX amps (Projected to be 8-9 amps).
  • Stainless Steel, Crenelated Bezel.
  • HAIII Black Hard Anodization.
  • CE/RoHs Certification.
  • Large, Diamond-Pattern, Cross-Hatch Knurling.
  • Long, shoulder-sling style lanyard.
  • Copper MCPCB w/DTP (Direct Thermal Path).
  • Emitter shelf increased from 2mm (standard S70) to 8mm.
  • No tactical ring (light is too large to make it practical).
  • CREE XHP70 3A 5000k.
  • Improved UI.
  • Low-Voltage LED Switch Indicator (6.8-8.4v is Green, 6-6.8v is Orange, below 6V is flashing Red).
  • Moon Mode added.
  • Low Voltage Protection.
  • AR Lens.
  • Dual switch design.
  • Rear Switch: Wider Forward clicky for momentary on and lockout.
  • Wide tailcap for excellent grip/control and better stability while tailstanding.
  • Mode reversal with medium press.
  • 3 Minute Turbo Step-Down. Quick Double-Press to Re-Access Turbo.
  • Nylon Holster available.
  • 26650 to 18650 adaptors.
  • Standard cardboard box packaging.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Options: Charger, batteries and holster.
  • Sold through BangGood or ThorFire’s Amazon store.

Finalized Group Buy price: $50
Nylon Holster: $6
Batteries: $15
Charger: TBD (Still evaluating chargers)

Get on the list now to ensure you get one of these awesome lights!

Important: Once final specs on the light are approved, the lights will go into production. Shortly thereafter, each person added to the interest list will be PM’d a special code to have access to the Group Buy. You will not get the code unless your name is on the list! To get your name added to the interest list, (Please do not PM us!) simply post the quantity desired in this GB thread:

in for one

Put me down for one please. Thanks!

Put me down for one.

Put me down for one. Thanks

Put me down for one please

Please put me down for one.

Put me down please.

Damn, all these awesome lights being made these days…

I know you are comparing the to the S70, but what about the improved S70S? (aside from the tail switch)

Get rid of the 3-min step-down and I’m in.

Put me down for one please, thanks!

Two (2) please.

Two (02) for me, please. Thanks.

I’m in for one. Thanks!

One please:) I love the knurling!

In for one, please. Thanks.

May as well put me down for 1.

Knurling looks sick, put me down for one.

I like the looks of the large, diamond knurling. Please add me to the list for qty. of 1.