Update: 100% scam ... "3800lm" 3xXM-L T6 + 3x18650 + charger at ebay for about $15

Original post left below for reference. It turned out to be 100% scam.

Here it is:


It's possible to get it for $15 or near that. Usually it's about $45.

The seller has 0 rating, though.

I've bought 2, I hope it wasn't a mistake.

Good luck!


You are the Crash Test Dummy! :O

Think it was a mistake?

I figure ebay/paypal will protect me. Or so I hope.

148 listings by that user are identical. No other products just 148 triple XM-L and 0 feedback.

wth, I just got high bid at 17.5, why not, ebay or paypal will refund lol

Bunch ending right now! I just knabbed one at $14.50. Loaded the page and had like 15 seconds to make a decision to bid!


all done for 8 hours

imo, there's no way we see that merchandise, but it was fun anyway

Hmm, yeah I kinda jumped the gun being influenced by the ticking clock. It's only $14.50, so it's not a huge loss although I guess PayPal will still refund within the 45 days (I've never had to file a dispute with PayPal). I haven't paid yet, I'm watching what's going on for awhile.


The seller now has feedback, and GOOD NEWS...

He has "good projects" !!!

could be they're just trying to get noticed and get some feedback - or could be total scam

edit: if it does come, I'll take that drop in out, stick it in my big plastic headlamp and sell the rest here for like $10 lol

The user that left him feedback is from Hong Kong and has 0 feedback.


I contacted Ebay's customer service and reported as "Suspected Fraudulent Activity". I was never given an option to enter my own words. I also emailed the seller asking why they had numerous auctions for the same flashlight selling so cheap.


A few other listings now, including this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TrustFire-CREE-XM-L-3800lm-3-T6-LED-Flashlight-Torch-B2-/400281247725?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item5d329f1fed
Isn't it the same torch? Also got a similar Skyray. Prices are all over the place; very odd


@ Garry: "I also emailed the seller asking why they had numerous auctions for the same flashlight selling so cheap."

"We like make happy many buyer. This good flashlight best dollar. Use rainy day no problem, he like duck! Have nice day please

I got mails that my orders are shipped.

The torch is the same, but that usre has 148 item listed in his store and they are all the same product.

That torch has been re-branded and cloned by several companies.

Let us know if you get a tracking number that works.



I don't think there's gonna be a tracking number for a $15 order...

I'm relatively new on e-bay, do I have to request a tracking number or is there some automatic procedure that determines what gets a tracking number and what doesn't?

The total weight of that set, flashlight, charger and batteries should cost close to $15 even in HK to be shipped.

I would go to "My Ebay" -> "Purchase History", find the item in the list and look for a tracking number listed there. Seems it can take a couple days. This was the only way I could track my TomTop order (which never showed up anyway).