Update: 100% scam ... "3800lm" 3xXM-L T6 + 3x18650 + charger at ebay for about $15

Lol, it's free shipping for me, to Croatia...

I'm starting to think we'll never see this. :(

don't worry about it (other than being disappointed) - ebay has refunded my money before

Yeah, I was confident about that without even having to check haha

His last one is 14 hours.

He could do a runner.

I'll bite. I'm watching the auctions now and will jump in for 2 at the last second. At the very least I could use the extensions and and internals for spares. At best I'll get decent lights for next to nothing.


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Ummmm... Does that mean you get your money back?

In that case this has SCAM written all over it.

If it looks too good to be true then it almost certainly is.

one way or another...used paypal.

i emailed seller, since ebay says to do that first....i'll report here

SCAM… price was to good to be true.

148 auctions for the same item from a 0 feedback user, who later had a feedback from a 0 feedback user from HK. This is the situation when one doesn't look at the price and moves past this.

yeah, no surprises, but I bet I don't lose a dime - just some time

Different light, most likely same kind of scam:


Heh, when I posted the original deal there was no feedback. :-/

Can someone post a link to instructions on what to do in cases like this?

login to ebay, go to my ebay, purchase history

to the right of the item/purchase, find and click the drop down arrow next to more actions, then click resolve a problem

From what I read, there's nothing I can do other than wait at least 7 days, then report?

Any way to report suspicious activity right now?

yeah, i emailed seller so that after 7 days i can request refund. wouldn't be surprised to hear from ebay in the near future...this is probably on their radar, there's just a delay...

And ebay is supposed to have sophisticated software to detect shill bidding like that. Maybe ebay already detected since it would be about the easiest case. Both are from HK and neither have feedback.

I bid on one torch, but ebay stopped the auction. Ebay send me an email, that they check the seller and all his auctions are canclled.

I think, if ebay kicked a seller, yo ucan solve the problem directly - you don't have to wait (this is possible on ebay.de Germany - don't now if it is the same on ebay.com)

The bike light will be the same scam.

this could be a more elaborate scam to get 150 people all so excited about a certain light so when they lose it to a stupid scam they run off and bid up the same light every where else on ebay ..

Just thinking out loud and wondering if this light sells for more than normal this week ..something worth checking on while you wait for ebay to return you your money