UPDATE: 5/19!! Review: ULTRAFIRE HD2010 from Tmart (warning: lots of pics!!)

I had the same experience as CheapThrills regarding this charger (got it cheap of ebay).

I got it to charge my 10440’s that i was destroying with the 500+ mA chargers.
Although this is probably to high current as well.(320mA)

Only charges Li-ions up to 4v or so.

Is this light available anywhere in NW?

I just bought one


Just got mine :slight_smile: looks awesome short test with a 18650 working fine.
Tmart’s packaging was less than desirable very similar too SashiX.

Test driver at full battery 4,16v have 2,75a. How much lumen ?

Sorry, My English so bad. I am from Vietnam.

Well, according to the chart by Match found here, you're around 850. You probably have to figure some loss for out-the-front lumens (20%?). Someone else would have to chime in on that.


Oh, thank you Garry. Thought is 1300 lumen. But in fact is 850lm.
I also feel satisfied because the beam convergence. Distance of 200 meters I can be clearly seen.

The "1300 Lumens" (and similar bogus unrealistic lumen ratings) are what we call "Chinese Lumens". They are just lies for marketing purposes. You can review real world tests (along with Cree data sheets) to see the "true" outputs of various LED's. Realistically the XM-L T6 bin tops out around 850 lumens though. You'll catch on to their game as learn more.


*Yes, I think so. Is there a way to make it brighter ?
I’m a new member , not very familiar. *

Yes, running the light with a 26650 is necessary for highest output! Go with an INR King Kong!

The problem with resistance mods in this light is that you may burn out the LED due to the driver being direct drive. Also, if you haven't gleaned this from the HD2010 threads yet, be careful of the reflector shorting across the LED's connection wires. You'll probably want to add some sort of insulator between them. (My HD2010's LED is apparently burned out and I can only imagine it's from shorting these leads by the reflector.)


Oh, I think so. I am using cell 18650 of Sanyo 2600mA. Maybe not strong enough.
Tried to Panasonic 18650 - 3100mA, but not other…
I will be looking to buy, ( not sell in VietNam ) and try again…
tomorrow, I will replace wire…

Thank to all, you really enthusiastic…

Awesome review mate. Is this light current regulated on high at least?

edit: its direct driven :frowning:

FYI - a lot of people are having E1320 mod the HD2010 pill with a Nangj current regulated driver (extra AMC chips for about 3.5A total output). This is my plan too.


I also switched the emitter on mine to an LCK-LED U2 as well as the driver change. It appears to pick up a little more on top of the driver increase.

LL5GHUFU coupon is dead.
Is there any other?

coupon code ( 8% ) - INSPIRE

So I'm considering replacing the emitter in mine to a new U3 1 C from I/O (not sure, but it appears my original emitter is burned out). Should I buy a 20mm star and file it down slightly? Or should I stick with the 16mm? What would you do?


That coupon code seems expired :frowning:

Edit: I contacted Tmart today and they say the Ultrafire HD2010 they sell is unbranded. |(

I have the unbranded HD2010. No external damage but it seems underperforming.

I have change the driver to 9x7135 and dedomed it but still not in range of the ThruNite TN31.

sorry to hear that buddy! this sucks =/