Update December 14: Ultrafire 504B XM-LT6 Black and Silver at DD for $13.15

Update: December 14 2011

The silver version is now $13.99 before coupon

And black version is also $13.99 before coupon

The only discount coupon I know to use below $30 is FONAREVKA (7%) which makes them both $13.15

Please read this thread before you buy!

That really is one heck of a staggeringly good deal.

Thats what I thought

They are normally about that price for just the body!

unfortunately I already have 1.. and I dont need 1 more.

edit at 0:10: what I meant by : I already have 1 is: I already have that same version, under a different name, from a different source ///

Nice price, thanks for the tip!

I wonder which dropin this is. The description says "Modes: 5" but also "Mode Arrangement: Low > High > Fast Strobe".


  • Lightweight polymer body
  • Ideal for outdoor use, emergency preparedness, personal defense
  • The everyday carry needs of first responders and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Brand: UltraFire
  • Model: WF504B

I actually dont know.. but it looks the same as my 5 mode solarforce of Ebay.

its High Medium Low Strobe SOS...(blinky blinky)

@tim817: Just ignore that description ;)

yeah, good suggestion! :)

Could these lights be Lego with your solarforce? Thanks Chibim

Thanks for the tip, I was about to order the DX generic XM-L drop in, which costs more...so I ordered the black 504. I love the 504 - comes with a good bezel and tailstands.

I have an L2i with xpg r5, and the head is interchangeable!

edit: Im talking about the solarforce I bought off Ebay, that looks the same as the silver version at DD.
that silver version`s head is interchangeable with my Solarforce L2i I bought a year ago.

I dont own any of these 2 lights from DD!

I've been considering a 504, so here it is.

Thanks for the heads up on this light and discount code. I don't know who it is for, but for $14, someone will be getting a light for Christmas this year(and batteries and charger).

Just ordered two in black.

LMAO@being able to choose which 'sexy girl' you want to package and handle your order. hahaha. wow.

I'm wondering why the description is saying it is 600Lumen. Normally these XM-L's are described as being 1000Lumen. Or am I completely wrong at this?

Circuitry: Digital Regulated 1400mA Current Output

So it's not running full 3A current.

Ok looked over that, to bad it ain't 1000L. But still a nice combination.

None of 1 x XM-Ls are 1000 lumens, but 800-900.

You are right I know. Thats why I said:"described as being 1000Lumen." but 800-900 lumen or 600 is still a big difference I think.

Its a P60 pill, who cares about the driver at this price. Provided you're happy to swap drivers grab it and mod it. It will still be far cheaper for the whole lot than buying a Manafont 3 mode drop-in and a 503B body.

Wow. I was about to order a 504b body in black from MF. I dunno at this price should I just buy this for $12.31 and have a hopefully useable drop in?

MF 504B body is $8 and change this is about $4 more. Worse case I get a salvageable pill/reflector and emitter for $4.

According to this thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/194

These and solarforce lights are completely interchangable.