[Update] Wurkkos Discount thread

All products have discount during Prime Day.

1. FC11 : —$29.99——->$25.49
Amazon US code :25OPGTQD(5000k); MP49XQT3 (4000k); 74HTW576(2700k)
Amazon De/Fr/UK/ES 15% coupon on page

*2. WK20S, *discount coupon on page :
AMZ US: —$45.99——->$39.09
AMZ DE: —€39.99——->€28.79

3. WKC05 weapon Light
discount coupon on page

4. WK30
AMZ US : —$35.99——->$28.79 (TCOBOEMO)
AMZ EU: - €39.99——> €33.99, discount coupon on page

5. DL40
AMZ US :—$79.99——->$67.99
AMZ DE :—€72.99——->€62

AMA US : -$72.99——>$54.74( CODE: LMXTVIKN)

7. WK01
Amazon US :—$16.99——->$11.99 (code :30I2FQF8)

8. WK02
Amazon US: —$17.99——->$12.95 (code :284KCVDL)

9.New Message Gun
AMZ US: -$59.99——>$50.99
AMZ EU: -€64.99———>€51.99
discount coupon on page

10.Digital Industrial Endoscope
AMZ US: —$79.99——-$67.99

11.New bluetooth star projector
AMZ DE: €45.99——>€39

12. Phone Fill Ring Light

Amazon DE link:
Wurkkos WK20

Wurkkos WK20S

Wurkkos WK30

Wurkkos FC11”:https://www.amazon.de/Wurkkos-FC11-LED-Taschenlampe-mit/dp/B07ZYY4H1F?ie=UTF8&keywords=led

Wurkkos DL40”:https://www.amazon.de/Wurkkos-Tauchlampe-bis-150-Meter/dp/B085L9QR4R?ie=UTF8&keywords=tauchlampe&m=A3JYCRYFVGFFL4

Amazon FR
Wurkkos WK20S

looks like the wk30 is out of stock

Discount Code 4 WK30 (US), please?

Mail cost across the pond would kill the deal (beside the fact that it is out of stock there).

in stock now

the stock arrived just now, here is the link WK30 and code: 20ISJVO4 (Valid in 6 hours later, thank you)

Thanks, Is the discount code on Amazon US for the WK30 with the new 365nm UV or the older 395nm UV?

“Out of Stock”

365nm now

code: LMLISOC9

code: TS2J5FJ2

AMZ.us—“WK30”: Amazon.com

code: O7PQURY5

Thank you for the update, this UV improvement is great news .

I have the older 395nm light that I purchased for full price on Amazon US and will now order a new 365nm UV light with your generous discount.

Thanks again, the WK30 is one of my all time favorite lights.

Thank you. the user manual may not update , the LEDs are truly update to 365nm already :laughing:

Any chance we’re ever going to see these on Amazon Australia. We kind of get forgotten down here but there’s a reasonable presence here on BLF and I’m sure there’d be some interest.

Are there more WK30s on the way to Amazon US? I’d love to grab one with the discount!

in stock now , here is WK30 15% code: ZDW2ANRX

PM please if you need a code ,thank you

it is a good idea , we will register a account on Amazon Australia :crown:

This is great news, I’ll keep my eye on the thread and make a purchase as soon as you open. Thanks for the positive response.

FC11 available now in France, UK, Germany, US—AMZ