[Update]Wurkkos dual LEDs 21700 Headlamp design Photos/UI update~

Thank you for all suggestion for HD20 and thank you Lux-perpetua to collect all information. And finally we have confirm the UI and the LEDs

Spotlight—Cree XPL 5000K
Floodlight—LH351D 5000K 90CRI

UI details (except the raming mode)

Hi Guys, Wurkkos will have a new products soon—————-
L sharp 21700 headlamp named HD20, here is the design, with 2 LEDs, realize both floodlight and throwing in one flashlight.
still not sure about the tint for each LED, planning 4000k or 5000K for floodlight and 6000-6500K for throw.
Floodlight use LH351D 4000K or 5000K
Throw mainlight will use SST20 5000K (give up the 6500k )

With magnet tail and USB-C charge port ( input and output )

will update the UI soon

Fortunately, the weight is not too heavy after test the first sample batch, 160 gram with 21700 battery included. probably will try different
color for body…


First sample batch :crown: * hmm the blue color seems is not the one we need as the design


I like 5000K for throw.

The Samsung is quite greenish at higher temperatures. I suggest 3500K.

and output? looks interesting

Interested in this.

I would use something like 4000-5000K for both LEDs - especially if you have a mode where both throw and flood are on at the same time, having them match would be nice.

look nice ….blue is sexy.

design abit like zebralight but i like it :slight_smile:

ramping UI?

and price ?

1. ~100g empty? That’s way too much.
2. General purpose flood should not have 180 degrees, you still need some collimation. With a TIR this small in LH351D it won’t be far from a mule.

3000k-4000k for flood, 4000k for throw is my preference.
Also, it looks like it will be quite heavy on the head side. Dual emitter headlamps look and function a lot better when they’re centred.

XPL HI for throw, LH351 for flood. Sst20 isn’t very efficient… 160gr with batteries is way to much, almost twice of a zebralight h600 with battery.

XPL-HI 5000k for Throw
Nichia 219C 4500k or LH351D for Flood

It’s difficult to compare the weight of a flashlight with different battery and less features. Zebralight H600 doesn’t have dual led, magnet, USB charging and 21700 battery.

Stuff like this makes me wish that Wurkkos had a website. Though if someone from Wurkkos does read this: I know you are close with Sofirn but please don’t use whoever did Sofirn’s website.

Yep, looks a bit heavy for a headlamp, but I’d certainly use it as a right-angle flashlight.

As mentioned, it’s best to have both flood/throw match. You don’t want something lit up blue at a distance, then be lit yellower as you get closer.

And yes yes yes to that mount. I hate plastic C-clip holders, because they can snap, and the light often pulls out way too easily.

Rubber-loop mounts are the best. Easy to use, the light doesn’t fall out accidentally, and stays in place with the rubbery grip vs hard slippery plastic.

I’m scared to think about the UI, though. :laughing:

The smart thing to do for this would be to build ok the tint-ramping firmware Sofirn used in the LT1 and that one flashlight, there’s not much reason for it to be different.
Would be a nice added feature if double tapping for turbo always went to full throw or full both emitters.

6500K - please forget about such led! 4000-5000K and the same CCT for both led.
21700 why? 21700 good for EDC , pocket-roket… but not for 1000lm range L-shaped hadlamp. with 18650 you can get good weight and dimensions it is one of the most important things for headlamp!
Don’t try to make ‘laser’ from throw. Pay attention to shape of spot.

Design looks good but I not sure that it is convenient to use headlamp with big center of mass offset.

The hotspot in the WK30 (small reflector, though, not TIR) is pretty nice with the ’351.

I like the idea of a TIR to be able to even swap them out if you want wider/narrower beam.

I completely agree.

I saw a lot of TIR that give ugly square spot, so it is necessary to pay attention to that.

The features don’t change how to feels on you head. 160g is heavy for a headlamp. If I’m wearing a headlamp for a long period of time without a beanie hat to give padding, even 18650 Zebras get to be painful.

If this light aims to be a headlamp, the weight needs to come down some way. If the features stay the same marketing more as simply a right-angle handheld makes more sense to me personally.

The mock ups really do look great though, this could be a great light with the right UI.

If 160g is weight with 21700 and full headband it is good.

Good example of headlamp with throw and flood is Ylp Panda 3 60g flashlight +40g headband. +50g 18650 = 150g