【Update】Wurkkos TS25 21700 version "slender waist" Quad Main LEDs and RGB Aux LEDs


Good day friends, TS25 second batch available preorder on aliexpress 11.11 sale day, $5 code:TS25D5
link: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804541787829.html?spm=5261.ProductMan...(link is external)

this batch updated to full anduril 2.0 AUX UI

Ordered the first trial batch could contact me for extra discount for any products for your next order.

Basic Spec

Emitter: 4 pieces 90 CRI LEDs (LH351D&519A 5000K) and 8 pieces aux LEDs
TIR Optics with protected glass
Beam Angle: spot 25 degree, flood 124 degree
Dimension: 109.7mm (length) × 32mm (head diameter)
Weight: 77 ± 1 grams (without battery)
4000LM Max
Magnet tail switch

Anduril 2 UI
Charge&Reverse Charging: 5V3A

Thanks for gchart update a firmware of AUX modes, however this trial production didn't have time to completely update it, retaining some of our own program

(In this version both simple and advanced UI could adjust aux leds by 7 clicks

power indicator on side switch works alone--shows 5 seconds after turn on, power enough(green color), low power(red color),poor (flashing red)):

7 quick clicks to change the Aux LEDs mode, cycle from-Rainbow(changes colors in order)-->Voltage color display(changes color based on voltage)-->red color-->green color-->blue color-->off-->Rainbow

voltage color changes like

We would like to giveaway 2 pieces for a testing ,rule is simple, leave a comment while you have a little brother TS10 , we will draw 2 members random to win the flashlights in 9th, Sep (before our holiday of Mid-Autumn festival). let’s join up!

Welcome to share here if you have any ideas~

The trial-production 150 pieces will ready next week.

not sure if the video is display, keep shows error…



Looks good. I have a silver ts10 that needs a big brother.

Looks good and thank you for the giveaway! A tailswitch would have been awesome, though.

Right now I have a silver TS10 and I will get a MAO and brass one when they are released.

In case I win a flashlight, I’d be happy to help you with improving the firmware if necessary as I did with the TS10.

Looks very promising.
I enjoy my black TS10 so far and i think it needs a little companion.

Very cool, I hope the High Aux in this one doesn’t burn through the battery like for the TS10. I like to leave High Aux on if possible.

Looks great. I have a silver ts10 that needs a big brother. Many thanks.

Good to see another bright and compact high-CRI flashlight.

Looks nice. I have a red TS10, would be nice for it to get a bigger brother!

My TS10 is excited as me waiting for his little bro’s arrival, TS25. I hope it all went well and fulfil everyone’s expectation, both Wurkkos and their customers

Looking forward to another high CRI light!

Based on the specs, I think this will cover what’s not present in the TS10 — on-board charging, high battery capacity and no need to buy dupes just to get a different aux light color!

My two TS10 units are eager to have more company of the same ilk!

What driver did you put in this one?

Awesome Wurkkos! Keep ’em coming. Love my ts10s and can’t wait for brass!

TS25 could become a good big brother indeed. Count me in!

This is great. Love my TS10, another on the way with more red and lower CCT.

I am looking forward to the TS25. The TS10 is a great light, and I can’t wait to add the bigger TS25. Also, I need to add a silver TS10 to complete the set. Brass would be an awesome addition!

Would like a bigger version of my TS10 so count me in for this.

When I first saw the thread, it seemed to me that it would be a tail switch light! Then I’ve realized it is a side switch :zipper_mouth_face:

I love my black and red TS10 so count me in.

This looks really good and I would like it to be in red body color also.

My TS10 hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m already looking forward to the TS25.