US - Home Depot Seasonal LED Lights In-Stock

I stopped by Home Depot yesterday and saw they have their Black Friday displays setup (specifically the area up front near the registers with a few rows of items which are mostly "seasonal" items only available through Christmas). Remember last years twin pack of XP-C's for about $8? Well this year there is a similar twin pack, but the lights look even higher quality. I think the package said 100 lumens. They are still 3AAA. They were somewhere around $9.88 for the twin pack. Not sure which emitter is used, but it looks like a Cree and it looks really tiny. Check 'em out if your're in or near Home Depot (esp. before they are all nabbed up during Black Friday!). Sorry I didn't get any photos.


i got the twin pack of defiant headlamps for the same price, looks like the same led, xb-d? they work real good, thye are not super high quality but are pretty bright and have 1w led’s for low mode. definately worth the money. it outshines my coleman headlamps

3aaa and somewhat cheap feeling constrution are only downfalls

I couldn’t resist the headlamps either. I agree on the quality of constrution and finding the on button without looking can be a challenge. But I took one into a large, dark aircraft hangar and was happy with the amount of light it provided.

I finally got over to HD and picked up a couple packs of the Defiant 3xAAA lights. They are an easy mod and I sell them around here for $20-$25 each after modding. They are fairly good quality lights.

I also saw the Coast G20 for the same price and got a couple of them, to put Nichias in. I like that style light, for a pocket light.

I just got the defiant 3-C cell LED light.

Its actually pretty nice for $20 bucks.

Has a CREE X-ML inside and a pretty beefy pill too. Ill take some pictures if anyone is interested.

Plastic lens/reflector, and its not really anodized - just painted.

But for $20? I’m a fan.

I too picked up the Defiant 3C XM-L on Sunday and there were still quite a few in stock. (I missed out on the Defiant 100 lumen headlamps though.) I'm going to post a bunch of pics of the 3C XM-L in this thread. It's a really impressive light on alkalines! Not bad at all for $19.88 of the shelf and consumer-friendly.


I also picked up one of the 3C Defiants. I agree that this one is a GREAT deal. You would certainly pay ALOT more for a 550 lumen XM-L light from most other places.

The more Defiant talk the more im wanting this one or either the one OL got, maybe both.

Old Lumens are you going to post the mod?