USB cable question

Does all usb charger cable fit all flashlight example will the Nitecore TIP cable fit all rechargeable flashlight and so on?

I think they’re all micro USB, so any USB to micro USB cable will work.

I wasn’t sure if the usb cable are like the cell phone. Apple don’t fit the Samsung mini usb.

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Yes. The “U” of USB stands for “Universal”. Some companies like Apple have their own standard indeed (not compatible). The only minor exception perhaps is the latest USB C type plug. But very few devices use this new format that require a different new cable. For example Samsung Galaxy S8, and Wuben T102 (only flashlight that I know of) use USB C.

Yes, but some usb cables have a larger protective boot that can get in the way if the usb port is recessed. Not an issue with the Tip because that usb port is flush with the case.

Also be aware that many USB cables use very thin wires, which does affect their ability to transfer high current, meaning that the charge time will be considerably longer.
Anker, for example makes excellent cables.
The Rolls Royce of cables is probably this one:

How can I find out which size usb cable fit what rechargeable light? I don’t want to order a cable and it doesn’t fit.

If the light specification says the light has a micro usb charging port, then you just need to order a micro usb cable

Apple, Samsung, Amazon Fire they all use micro usb but none of them fit each other.

You can charge a TIP, Tube, Imalent DT70, Zanflare F1, or any light that is rechargeable via USB with a Samsung USB cable/charger that you get with your Samsung phone (the exception being the Wuben T102 which requires USB C). At least, that’s how I see it.

All micro USB leads will fit , however the charge rate will vary I have some cheap ones that will pull a max of 0.5A while a good on will pull 2.0A . Makes a big difference charging my BT speaker (Anker 3143) on that its 0.5A generic lead vs 1.5A Anker lead.

Accordng to my Portapow USB power monitor.

Maybe I’m not understanding the question you asked or missing what your getting at,so apologies if I am, but in my experience if a device has a micro usb port then any micro usb cable will fit in it, - I’ve got a whole host of various devices, torches etc with micro usb ports,as I’m sure many people have, and ive never had a problem with any of then not excepting a micro usb cable - some may charge slower as others have mentioned , especially if it a cheap - or very long- micro usb cable on say my Samsung s7 edge, my FLIR camera and my Mavic pro drone, but they all charge,sometimes it just takes longer

As long as the device is listed as having a micro USB port any micro USB cable should fit and work. The only issue I have had with the EE X6R, for example, is that if I use one of the reversible micro USB cables it will only charge if inserted in one direction. Whereas the same cable charges my tablet and my pohone via the micro USB when inserted in either direction.

I just lined up the Apple and Samsung mini usb. The Apple is thinner and wider than the Samsung usb.

Apple’s is a “lightning” connector, isn’t it? It is different

That’s because apple does not use micro USB.
They use the lighting connector.
It is completely different.

Lightning is a proprietary connector, only used with Apple products:
Lightning - Wikipedia*“:Lightning - Wikipedia*(connector)

Micro-USB is a standard connector used by (among others) Samsung:

Mini-USB is an older standard, not in use by any newer products:

Last night while lining the Apple with the Samsung I notice the Apple was difference. After doing research on the lightning connector it makes sense now. The Samsung uses a micro b plug.

Thanks for the replies everyone its much appreciated

Hey Venom,

this is typically Apple (not in a good or bad way). They have their own proprietary connection so they can design it to their needs without having to take standardisation into consideration. At the same time this means that as an Apple consumer you are forced to buy their cable with a nice profit margin for Apple.