USB "charger doctor" (volt+current display)

Hi guys

I spotted this gadget that may be interesting for those who have/use USB battery chargers… This item allows you to know how many amps is drawing a USB device/charger and also shows the voltage of the 5v output when on load…

Only 6.40$…. I was searching and another higher quality ones with LCD display instead of LED display cost +50$ (dont konw its accuracy….)

I ordered it… Will update, but if anyone has info about it… please share it here…

Far cheaper on Ebay, thanks for the heads up.\_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.XUSB+Power+Current+Voltage+Tester&\_nkw=USB+Power+Current+Voltage+Tester&\_sacat=0&\_from=R40

TX for the ebay link too… but…. I used a 5$ giftcard so only paid 1.40$ :party:

That’s a pretty nifty tool, thanks for sharing.

It’s $3.29 on BIC

I paid $2.82 on ebay. :slight_smile:

Thanks, fran! Seems like a useful device for my Soshine SC-F3 and other USB devices. I know from my ammeter the Soshine pulses over 1A during charge but would like to see draw at the USB point rather than measuring in circuit with the cell using a DMM.

thanks, I got one from this seller

Ordered one from him, thanks :)

Looks like the r050 is the currentsensing resistor, so there should only 0.05*2.5=0.125 voltage drop. That’s not too bad…I ordered one to test it.

I ordered three. I figured as soon as a couple of friends see it, they’ll ask me to order them one anyway.

I received mine yesterday, will post some pics tomorrow. It is a nice little device.

Thanks Chloe

Mine shipped last week, I will not have it until 2 weeks….

More info will be apreciated :beer:

I ordered mine on the 15th. Hopefully I'll be getting it soon..

Getting me one of these, you can still preorder

It is quite small but for some devices it can get in the way of other ports and plugs. There are small clips which are quite fragile but you can remove the case if you are careful:

Here you can see it just fits with the case removed:

With a device connected it alternates between showing current draw for approx 7 seconds then voltage for 3 seconds.


You take some incredible photos Chloe, thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Ryan!

I can see that Chloe got the nice version, mine is not very nice in soldering:

Oh wow. :Sp Does yours work at least?

I made a little video of it in use: