Video Review: Another BLF A6 Review with Tested Output figures, runtimes, and night usage shots.

I was not paid or compensated in anyway for this review. I purchased the light, so I’ll share my thoughts. All scratches and dings on the light come from my own clumsiness, and were not present when I received the light. You’ll find everything in this review as in my regular reviews. I purposefully set my white balance to daylight in the night scenes so the light appears warm- which is an accurate reflection of the tint. You can see it’s brighter than the 800 lumen Cree LED bulb on my front porch.

Anyway, there’s beamshot comparisons, lumen figures for two different batteries, runtime tests on 4 of the modes and more. I tried to make it about 7 minutes, but the user interface, and runtimes add a bit of length. Enjoy!

Brilliant video. I find all your video reviews informative and entertaining. Great work :slight_smile:


Hopefully not too informative! Thanks!

And thanks to you too Wrathbringer!

Excellent review as always. I will admit that I was disappointed that there was no bathroom testing. :Sp

Ahh crap! I was actually going to add this but totally forgot. I’m serious. After just about every review, I always think of something else to add- a one liner, some extra data, or an observation.

I once saw a flashlight review

This fellow explained what he knew

The light seemed so cool

That only a fool

Would not a quick purchase pursue

A small chore that he had to do

With the aid of his light sailed right through

And when he was done

It was time for some fun

So he tasted a cold frosty brew

Thanks for another entertaining and comprehensive review , mhanlen .

mhanlen, Great review as usual. Loved the finish. I recognized the label on that brewsky. I had a 3 piece set that included it but the name escapes me now. Cheers and keep up the great Work ! :beer:

ETA: Oh yeh, It (the brewsky) was Three Philosophers. ;)

Dope! Love it, and thanks a lot. Beer and steaks is probably my favorite meal. To hell with vegetables.

Yep. I have it occasionally. The hint of cherry is what I like about it- good stuff. I’d drink it more often but there are literally too many good beers out there, and I like to try them all.

Hey mhanlen!

…and your videos.

Now if only if ya’ll could convince ’em to use this UI in the BLF D80-SE, that would be the bestest. :smiley:

Another great review mhanlen, wouldn’t mind one of those steaks either :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait which one is the D80? Have I signed up for this? I get confused with all the group buys lately.

I wish I had some for tonight. Those were Friday- is there a rule against steaks twice in one weekend?

The D80 is the LuckySun GB from GB.

Oh yeah, that one. I’m on the list somewhere.

Great review, as always.

Steak and beer are fine every day for the next month! The rugby world cup is on :beer:


I like that way of thinking!

You have certainly given your light a beating.

Good. Something to watch at night :smiley: Thanks.

Ahh just call me Wrath… I love your reviews! Really laid back :slight_smile: