WALLBUYS 25-50% off NEW YEAR Crazy promotion 2 hour sale on JAN 10th.Will you participate ?

Its here guys finally as promised they’ve come up with a Wallbuys 2 Hour new year Crazy Promotion.
discounts are 25-50% on products & there will be reservation (uploading of reservation form onto their website) like last time.
Many of us missed out on the sale on xmas day.
Looks like as per their post that the website will be updated on Jan 7th ?
Will you participate ?

This time i am in!

I want to buy a quality charger!

I already love Wallbuys!

Because you guys liked the Xmas action!

Seemed so much fun and i missed out on it!

I would like to buy 2pcs of Nitecore i4 v2 charger!!

Here we go again! Vrooom! Vrooom!

thanks for pointing out wallbuys deal around xmas, i was looking for a charger too, i’m glad i didnt buy the jetbeam intel-whatever then.

I missed the last one, Ill see whats on offer for what prices and might be in this one.

LOL sure send in a RESERVATION.

Last promotion was a fail for me.
Hope I will be luck in the next.

I’m pretty sure I will be participating, but I also think I will send the reservation list, because its on a Thursday, and depending on the time, I will probably not be able to be online during those 2 hours.

I’ll take a Skyray King for 26.42$ (50% discount), thanks. :slight_smile:

intellircharger by Jetbeam Pro lol, 16.xx$ at DD, that was the deal incl 10%OFF discount code LOVELY. yeah, me glad too!

So Karen comes to the rescue?

Instead of 1, i am now in for 2 units of the Nitecore Intellicharge i4 v2 charger, thanks!!

I really like the Wallbuys product photos. They show the real deal, package contents:

Please Wallbuys, 50% OFF on this item!! :D

I saw the sale is for some brands only right?

It would be great, if you can offer the popular chargers (like the XTAR WP2 II, XTAR SP2, Nitecore Jetbeam Intellicharger) with EU plug, too.

yeah, that would be appreciated by me as well!
looks like you can change the cord at least, if you’ve got some lying around. otherwise you might get some of them for cheap from a thrift store.

i bought a 3” ceramic knife for $1 when made my first order a month ago, i might want another slightly larger ceramic knife as they’re seems good for fruit and vegetable chopping.

No link to preview what the deals will be yet?

the preview will be up 7th, and then the sale will start 11th 10th i think it said in another thread

edit: changed 11th to 10th, to avoid confusion

depending on what they have - I might try again.

Im in, definitely :D!
I do hope that that one or two items that I missed on previous time will also be listed during promotion!

The sale is on the 10th of jan. website to be updated on the 7th of jan. that’s what the wallbuys thread says.
maybe we should open a new thread with suggestions on what to buy from wallbuys.
I didn’t know about xeno flashlights. Try were up for sale during the Xmas crazy promotion. those small flashlights look really nice and I want one, hadn’t heard abt xeno until some members mentioned abt them.

I saw some ceramic knifes on the website, not sure if they will be on sale thou, are they better compared to stainless type ?

I'm in if there is stuff I want, lol!