Want to make high CRI desk light

Btw, is there a difference between Nichia 219A and B? the only place selling B’s cost 7$ each which is pretty high ):
The 219A’s are cheaper and more places sell them


"Digi-Key": http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/LHC1-4090-1208/LHC1-4090-1208-ND/4488991

"Mouser": http://it.mouser.com/new/Philips-Lumileds/PhilipsLumileds-te-cob-solutions/

Luminus XNova: "Mouser": http://it.mouser.com/new/optoelectronics/luminus-xnova-cob-leds/n-5g5vZ2pwa6e

The Nichia B is just the rev ie next gen from A so brighter

Nothing wrong with the COB approach just bear in mind a lot of COB's require 35+volts to run vs 3.0+ for Nichia

Cree also make some 95CRI Cob in the 9V space, so would research drivers before you settle on the leds

Why not buy the older nichia 119a from fasttech..?

Much cheaper.

Even cheaper from me… Nichia 119's for cheap (also Cree XLAMP-7090's)

I would like to buy some, but do you sell them by itself or on a mpcb. what color/tint are they the bad batch ones from KD?

You can easily build your base, as I did, of course changing
the look!
My abajour
I love more warm light, Nichia is very natural
Do not worry, you'll be fine!

I’m considering a similar project. I don’t know much electrical engineering though, so I’m still working out some pretty basic stuff. The LEDs and drivers I’m familiar with are all relatively low voltage (~4V) and high amperage (3A or more) though, and it’s hard to find suitable power bricks for that. So, someone pointed me at this to convert extra voltage into the amperage I might need:


For now, I’m thinking of maybe doing two ~3500K or ~4000K high-CRI XM-L2 emitters at 3A each, with a nanjg or qlite driver to change the brightness via wall switch. All hidden behind furniture for ambient lighting. Or maybe one or two MT-G2 emitters instead, for higher output and cleaner tint. I’m not sure. Later on, I’d like to do either a neutral high-CRI lamp for use while painting, or perhaps a wide-spectrum lamp with multiple tints. And it’d be really nice if I could make some chain-able “puck” style lights out of old heat sinks, each with either a single high-CRI emitter or a wide-spectrum triple XP-G2 star. Again, output level selectable by flipping the wall switch off/on as if I were half-pressing a reverse clicky button.

It might be helpful for me to learn how voltage works in series, and how to handle the changing Vf as temperature and other factors change. This sort of thing is still a big mystery to me.

On BLF there are so many experts in electronics;)

the best thing is an efficient DRIVER with PWM control

high frequency,

You can also use a N555, for a simple project.

Forgot about that..

That would be 5 nichia 119s for the price of 1 219b

is nichia 119 above 90CRI? what other options are there?

Not sure the exact numbers, but they should be up there...

Nichias don’t make much light you would need a lot of them…what about a high cri XML s6….

I personally have a standard 10W 12V warm white led in my desk lamp, this was planned as a provisory test first but it works now since a year or so without problems.

how do you know if it is high cri? XML “S6” is that the bin or tint? I have an xml 1A tint and u2 bin, and that has horrible cri lol

You need to buy the high cri version, s6 is the brightest bin of the 90cri minimum XML2s.

Nice warm tint and high cri but not so bright as the lower cri XMLs you have.

I just have the LEDs. They are good devices on a reel from Nichia. Answers to you questions about tint/color/CRI are in the indicated thread. Also some talk about mounting them on XPG MCPCBs.

if you want to run just one 3V LED, a 5V wallwart and 1,2 or 3 AMC7135 chips (for 350, 700 or 1A drive current) is the simplest option. A work light I built using a desklamp as a 119 from FT running at 700mA and puts out a pretty much perfect amount of light.

If you want to run more than one LED (say 3 or 4), there are a bunch of drivers from DX, FT and Banggood that run from mains voltage (whatever that is for you) and put out between 300 and 450mA. That would make for a lot of light, but would make an awesome strip light.

If you want dimmable, ask Texaspyro, as he’s built a bunch of lights with dimmers.

Personally I’d go with the 119s from Fasttech if you like a slightly warm neutral white or the 119s from Texaspyro if you want a slightly cooler neutral white (still NW, but cooler than the FT 119s). Nichia 219s are nice, but I can’t really tell the difference between them and 119s for colour quality and both give out more than enough light for what I need.

I’d also suggest some kind of optic too, even a really wide angle one if you want a lot of flood, as bare LEDs are “glarey” and hard on my eyes at least.

this has been serving me well as desk lamp. S2+ with Nichia 219C & 60degree TIR lens mounted on table microphone stand :smiley:

That is actually a bright idea! The existing flashlights are amazing as they are or even better if modded. A holder/stand is all that is needed, technically.