WAVIEN collars are BACK! Are you interested? [group buy over]

Received mine today in excellent condition and yes, they do fit nicely into the head of my Thrunite TN31 (already customized to aespheric).

I will ask Djozz to help me modd it with Oslon BF and post pictures and results when finished.


This is tempting. I am following.

First day of work done, together with Djozz (which means that I propose the ideas, we discuss and he does most of the modding) :slight_smile:

First setback: Oslon BF is not a good idea. Not in this light anyway.
The TN31 has a battery carrier but……the minus goes from the carrier into the housing and thus also to the led shelf. Shit. Didn’t count on that.

First bit of luck: Djozz still has a very few number of old school GP G2 leds. Jay!

We then tested the driver with the plus wire made a little longer using his clamp meter: 3,84V to the led.
This will probably translate to around 4,0 - 4,1V driver output. Not optimal but it will do.
The old TN31 drivers were notoriously hard to push anyway.

We then tried the Wavien collar out by holding it above a led+ledboard+test current to see what distance it more or less needs.
We will do this in a fixed environment to get the optimal height and then translate that into the lamp itself.
We did BTW notice that the collar seems to work very well on the Oslon BF as well……o well.
When moving the collar up and down in small increments at a certain point you get a very noticeable tintshift + increase in brightness.
The tint shifts to yellow, as seen with lights like the Deft-X.

Anyway, excess wire removed and lamp put together (without collar) to do test measurements of lamp without collar.
We then noticed that he screw-holes on the shelf that we had used are not correctly centered which made it impossible to align the collar perfectly.
Which meant the end of today’s experiments. :cry:

Djozz will make new screw-holes in the shelf, dedome the xp G2 and put everything together.
We will then measure the output, get the optimal height of the collar in relation to the ledboard and put the collar in, followed by measuring, testing, measuring, etc…etc…

The head of my TN31 was already customized to fit a good, acrylic aespheric lens so focal length is already optimal.

Second bit of luck: the opening in the collars is big enough to throw light on the whole of the main lens so all of the light coming out of the front of the collar is being used.
It looks like this will work! :+1:

Next update with pictures and measurement data.


Looking forward for that :+1:

Short update - I was desperately looking for zoomie host to fit the collar, reason for this is, that I cannot find combo of lens and non zoomie host, that fits together. So, Jaxman Z1 works like a charm - I have in mine XHP35 HI NW and H2-C driver - both from Kaidomain. Collar fits exactly on the pill. The black centering ring has to be removed and so far the best result I got from the emitter/driver combo was with thick double tape - ~ 1mm uncompressed.
Throw was 146K without the collar and went up to 260K with the collar (measured from 15 m). The tint goes noticably to green and there is a corona around the square, that looks unfocussed.

Now I intend to play with the emitter and driver in order to get the max lux. My thoughts are dedomed XP-G2 with direct driver and I hope it will outthrow my Brinyte, which has no place for collar. Another topic will be how to permanently fix the collar after I find the best emitter and focus.

Any ideas are much appreciated.

Yeah the collar will change the LED tint, so cool white turns into more yellow.
You should still be able to get closer to 300kdc or more with the collar, I would recommend reading this to see how I focus my collars: The OptoFire Searchlight | BEAMSHOTS on page 3 | record-breaking aspheric LED thrower
Scroll down about half way to where the collar pics are.

LEDs without silicone on the die (aka dedomed XP-G2, black flat, cft90, etc) are much easier to focus and don’t create the big yellow outline/corona you see in your second last pic.

Also, I use hot glue to secure my collars in place.
If your flashlight head heats up a lot then you should use UV curing glue, which is what marinebeam recommends.

Thaks a lot for the tips. I will follow the advices :slight_smile:

Looking forward to some beamshots! :+1:

Thanks for posting up your results so far yasenf and Enderman for helping.
I’m surprised there hasn’t been more activity here.

Too many little hobby projects for me lately, the collar and lens are waiting for the right moment to start the mod.
I’m glad to hear that the Jaxman Z1 appears a good host for it, thanks yasenf for the report and the pictures! Now save some money for one, Z1’s are nice but not really budget.

Same I have my two collars waiting for future projects.
Too many things going on at the moment!
And my large collar is still operational so I’m saving the small ones for when I really need them (like in a compact build like this Just did this for fun)

You see two of them - the last picture is also a beamshot - it is funny how you see the reflection of the MCPCB on the wall, I have to cover it with something once final emitter is chosen.

Collar is not really budget either - I bought it hoping to be able to crank as much candela as possible from a compact host. I first tried even more compact - Countryman B1, but the collar did not fit for few mm. Jaxman is sold in Fasttech also, from time to time they offer a sitewide code, so it comes ~$55 in XML2.


You see two of them - the last picture is also a beamshot - it is funny how you see the reflection of the MCPCB on the wall, I have to cover it with something once final emitter is chosen.
I mean beamshots, like a night where you can see the beam outdoors, not wall shots.


Thanks for your project reveal… It looks very good.

I am wondering did anyone tried wavien collar on precoolimator fitted light?

That doesn’t make much sense in my eyes. It will just reduce the efficiency.

Larger beam does not make sense? Maybe it cold even correct tint issues? With wavien we have fixed focus position without possibility of flood mode so larger beam would be plus. And maybe some thin mirror around emitter for some spill effect?

So Jaxman is suitable host… That is good to know. Maybe I’ll try mentioned diy sorcery one day :wink:

You can’t make the beam larger. You only have a fixed amount of light. Either you direct it onto the collar so that it makes the beam more intense or you make the beam wider, but not more intense.

Well that depends how would wavien collar return recycled light through precoolimator lenses?

Possible scenario one the way light returns through precoolimator would just spread recycled light. But slightly lux gain should happen anyway?

Scenario two maybe it could return same or better amount of recycled light to the emitter?

Anyway precoolimator doubles beam size, (led square projection).

It can’t make the beam wider with the pre-collimator. The pre-collimator limits the exit angle of the light already. Adding a pre-collimator won’t change this. It will just reduce efficiency because some of the recycled light has to go through it three times (LED -> pre-collimator -> collar -> pre-collimator -> recycling in LED -> pre-collimator)!

Hello Driver :slight_smile:

I don’t know if we understood each other…

I don’t want to add precoolimator to top of wavien collar. For example I just want emitter mounted precoolimator. Like that redneck light with precoolimator :slight_smile: So just imagine your redneck light fitted with waviean RA collar above? Is it worth a try?