Weird flashlight/charger

My topic “Dubious and micallaneous deals” got deleted so have to open new topic for this.

Funnxy thing, just the other day one acquaintance (postman in fact :smiley: ) asked me can I make him power supply device with 2 Liion 18650 batts, and USB 5V output.

We were both in a hurry so didnt exchanged details about this thing, but here I stumble on this thing here.

I dont understand anything aboiut hi-fi, but apparently hee needs some power supply for some part of hifi system, he talked something about “cleaner” electricity and god knows what. SUch power source is supposedly very expensive when you buy it n some hifi stores or something, maybe 200$ or somethin like that.

And here you have same thing, and flashlihght on top of it, haha (If I got it all correctly).

Apart from all that, what do yu think about this flashligt?

Apparently, if I understood correctly, yxou can use it as powesource, for charging your cellphone for example, via USB port. And you can charge apple products.
I dont know what is the purpose of this microUSN “in” port - for charging tha batts via some other device?

I think its neat thing.
I dont know if LED is driven with 2,0 or 2,5A, but but bezel diammeter is 4,6CM, so youll get something that shines similar to C8 flashlight, but with 3 times longer runtime, and ability to charge your devices if they run out of electricity, great.

Even I could use that. Often my cell is empty and sometimes I go in awkward situations with charging it when Im away and outside my car

PS: Anybody aware where I can get this cheaper?

I think it is the cheapest I've seen so far actually but others may chime in.

There was a review on it some time ago - found it here

I simply must buy it, its too cool and too practical, Ill keep it in car…
Its even very suitable for longer trips and vacations. All I have to bring with it is AC/car USB adapter and cable, NO charger needed.

I absolutely love mine, but it came with a few flaws in the anodization, and as mentioned in one of the previous topics, the springs on the negative side of the batteries are WAY too long for protected cells.

In addition, the one I got from Kaidomain had the supporting rod for the battery carrier soldered, so I couldn’t do the washer trick mentioned in the thread.

As much as I hated to do it, I ended up cutting the springs down a bit to make it work, but after that, it worked fine.

Beam pattern is a little ringy, but as you said, it throws about like a C8.

On my last trip, I was able to charge my cell phone three times from around 40% up to full charge and still had around 80% charge left on the flashlight.

For the $41, it is an absolute no brainer. Very useful tool for camping or travelling.

I’ve spotted several Li Ion power supplies for various devices including HiFi turntable pre-amps for the cartridge. Battery powered pre-amps have been around for decades [in the HiFi world] and prices would vary on how fancy or simple you wanted to $$$. Some used 9V batteries others Lead-Acid gel batteries. That light is a great idea, good for our purposes and to recharge phones etc.

This light got high praise from those that bought it. I haven't heard any complaints about it as a flashlight or as a charger. Go for it!

I wonder if the KD version is exactly the same as the I-O-S version. Same driver? Same charging circuit? At least I-O-S offers neutral white.