Well Now I Know Why Folks Like The BTU Shocker So Much

I got the BTU Shocker today from Ric at Fancy Flashlights. I now know why guys like this light so much. The light other than the cheap battery carrier is a very nice machined flashlight. I slapped 3 grey Panasonic protected 2900mah 18650 in the carrier and played with it in the house. It looks to be as bright as my old TK70 and maybe even brighter. I’m getting ready to go out and take some beamshots. But overall I would have to say this is a 4 to 4 and 1/2 star flashlight. Throw in a Fenix(don’t worry I’m just mentioning the name not gonna buy a Fenix) style battery carrier and this light would be a 5 star light. Overall I am very much impressed so far. I see now why Dale likes his so much. And before I forget this BTU SHocker withe the 3 batteries in it I mentioned earlier weighs exactly 2lb 9oz or 41oz on my digital Rapala fish scales. That sure beats the TK70 I had that weighed 3lbs even with 4 D rechargeable 10,000mah batteries. This one running off of 18650’s and being a lot shorter as well is what a lot of the hype is so in favor of this baby. That’s the main reaason why I bought it.

I also got my YEZL X8 XM-L T6 flashlight with the battery charger and 2 YEZL protected 2400mah 18650’s from Wallbuys that I paid a whopping $15 shipped. They got this light to me in exactly 9 days. That is spectacular. I do think they are starting to see what customer service is about when it comes to shipping quickly. This light is perfect and very bright and super nice hotspot. I like it.

Here’s some photos.

Now you can forget about your old TK70. Not sure why everyone is so worried about the battery carrier. All cells will fit and it does the job. The Magic Fire Scorpion…. Now that had a bad carrier.

Well the carrier is ok. Once you get all 3 batteries in it. But the design lacks on stopping the batteries directly in line with the contacts. But that’s not a big issue. But it is there.

I got some great shots. These turned out super. I love this old Fuji camera I got. It rocks for taking beamshots. I’ll post them in a bit.

Man, that thing is big!!! How much would it weary me to take it on a 20-minute walk?

The Old Fedex Man popped in on my yard as I was watering. Yep, carrying the old BTU. I charged up my HP Laptop pulls, some nice Sanyos, and the battery carrier leaves something to be desired, pretty sloppy, but it works. And the damn thing is bright, just lights up everything. However, I just did my MT-G2 build, and with two Laptop Sanyos charged to 4.2 volts, in an Ultrafire X8 clone, using a DRY driver on Turbo, drawing 4.2 amps at the copper wired tail, I am running 28 watts, and it is impressive. The BTU is impressive, and so is my little MT-G2 DRY busting butt…oh, it gets warm quick…

Hey Brad, I got my Yezl today too but haven’t had a chance to unwrap it yet. How does it compare to other throwy lights?

Ok here’s some good shots.

All these are on man 1.2 sec shutter f/4 ISO 400.

I’m just gonna post all BTU Shocker photos.





220yds Look how it lights up the road.


The 110 yard and 220 yard shots look alike?

Very nice, Brad! The barn shot looks extremely bright. Now out with it...which lights the barn better? The TK75 or the BTU???

220 looks darker. I think it's cropped or zoomed to show the same area as 110.

I compared it to my old picture of the TK35 and it’s quite a bit less than it.

I’m gonna say it’s around 20,000k/cd.

I took a picture at 110yds with the YEZL X8.

Nothing to brag about for throw. But up close it’s one heck of a light.

Now you’ve gone and done it, ILIKE… Got me really interested in a flashlight I don’t really need :wink:

Btw, how noticeable is the ramp-down after 3 mins on maximum?

I never did get it to ramp down. So I don’t know. I know I had it buring for over 3 min.

This BTU may out throw my TN31’s. I posted the picture at 110yds in my XM-L thrower thread. Now I listed it before the TN31. But going on the pictures there, the BTU looks brighter. Go check it out. I’ll have to compare them head to head. Let me go take a picture my 115,000k/cd TN31 at 110yds. We will see which one looks to bet the better thrower. But looks may be deceiving. But I don’t know. That shot at 445yds and 300yds looks very good on the BTU.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the Shocker threw further than a stock TN31.

So now that you have both the BTU and the TK75, how do they compare?

Yeah, I didn't need this either. If I get one, it'll be with the DRY driver and swap in XM-L2's on copper stars. I really don't need this...must resist.

Now let's do a mousever and mouseout. Mouseover TN31 mouseout BTU Shocker

Amazing Light!

I would love to see a mouse over between the Shocker & TK75!

Maybe later. I’m pictured out right now.


I would still have to choose the TK75 over the BTU Shocker. You got a lot less weight in the TK75 and a lot easier to carry light. But I will tell you right now this BTU Shocker fooled me on how great of a light it is and how well it throws. I do think it will out throw the TK70. No doubt in my mind.