Well Now I Know Why Folks Like The BTU Shocker So Much

As to the ‘ramping’ down. It does it very gradually., Not like the 70 when it kicks down. The BTU is so gradual. Its not noticable to the eye. A meter is needed to notice see it. Great thread bro

Thanks Dale. Now I can say I am glad I bought this BTU. I love it man! It’s better than I hoped. I think it does beat my TN31 in throw. That BTU is just awesome.

Get your eyes checked. LOL!

Trust me they are what I say they are.

Ya’ll gotta learn to trust Daddy… He’s got you…. Lololol

Yup, I’ve been saying these lights are awesome from the beginning. Now everybody is seeing the light :slight_smile:
As a side note about the TN31 and BTU, from our experience they are very comparable in throw. We’ve had two BTU and two TN31’s now. This is what we’ve gotten in throw -
TN31 (brothers)–126K
BTU (mine-no AR lens)–125K
BTU (mine with UCL)–130K
TN31 (mine)–121K
BTU (brothers-no AR)–119K
So pretty equal really. I guess just slight variances in qualities in LED bins or drivers can make one slightly better than the other.

RDR! Now maube they’ll listen to us country boys instead of standing around lookin like monkeys trying to hump a football.

Well my TN31 I used in that shot above was tested by masha_1 to be 115,000 lux. I would say it’s safe to say that the BTU I got is more like 130,000 or maybe more. I do believe there is more than 15,000 lux between them just looking at the pictures at 110yds. The BTU smokes the TN31.

rdrfronty, are those BTU numbers from yours that was modded by Tom E? Mine is on the way to him to have XML2’s on sinkpads installed as well as a resistor upgrade to bring it up to 4.7A. I can’t wait >_<

Regardless (don’t use glasses for computer usage), this thread, along with the $99 price, got me interested in this light again, so I ordered one with the BTU driver, plus an extra DRY driver, just in case…

Thanks for the thread (I think :laughing:!


And now you have to mod it for ultra output.

I think Tom E’s modded BTU goes to something like 180kcd

correct - ~180kcd and well over 4000 lumens at the emitters (3600-3700 OTF)

Nope. Like the others said that was premod. Mine is now 181K and 3670otf after 30sec. Thats with XM-L2 U2’s, copper sinkpads, better wires, and good thermal paste. I do not have the resistor mod though. I am getting my carrier redone with better springs and/wick mod, so that should allow a little more current and boost me a bit more. My testing was done with Keeppower 3400mah protected cells.

Would you dare push it to 5A+?

I wouldn’t mind a little boost in amps, but not that much. Low to mid 4’s would be fine though.

The heat from 5A would probably reduce efficiency by a lot and just waste power now that I look at the xml brightness curve, mainly because there’s three in one host.

ILF, can u compare ebay HID & BTU Shocker? Mine is coming in but i really want to see how it does.

I sure can.

Mouseover YEZL 85watt HID mouseout BTU Shocker on both of these



It’s just hard to beat the 85watt HID 4300k flashlight.