What did you mod today?

Mountain still has these at a good price

Ah, darn. I was really hoping to get the newer colors that way, too. Maybe I’ll go bother Simon about it, but there’s probably not enough interest.

idk why you couldn’t just put a rubber boot on a metal switch version (since it just unscrews). Maybe sand down the threads if you really want. Dont quote me on this cause I haven’t tried it but I could later I guess

The switch body of the metal buttons aren’t only threaded but they have a little lip too, which isn’t a big problem except -

The OD of the rubber opening is 16mm, while the actual opening of the threads on the metal button are like 12.5mm I believe

One could bore out the switch body of the metal switch version out to 16mm and use a rubber boot, should work.

True, or use a smaller switch boot possibly if you want to try to make it reversible

Added emphasis mine. That’s my main issue.
I’ll keep in mind that I may just have to get over it and bore them out if I care. More tools added to the “workshop wishlist”…

Thanks! Could you provide a link, please? I found a spare reflector at banggood but they don’t specify the size of the hole.

Thanks! The stock diameter is 6.5 mm though, don’t know if I can find an inexpensive step-bit which includes this size.

And I wonder whether the coating of the reflector survives the drilling …

I’ve used a step bit on reflectors before. Only slight chipping if anything right at hole. Didn’t effect the beam. Ymmv

I have something similar with this: https://www.banggood.com/2pcs-18-12-Inch-And-532-78-Inch-Bridge-Hole-Tapered-Hand-Held-Reamer-Set-p-1116958.html
So you can hand drill it really carefully to the size you need.

If its getting worse, you can buy a new reflector.

I used a reamer to open up the reflector holes of the Q8 to fit 5050 leds. It does the job very clean.

I bought one of these last year, its 9mm

Mike asked about a Q8 reflector, this is a C8 reflector?

Reamer/step bit it is then.

We are talking about Q8 reflectors :slight_smile:

Thanks! A quick search showed a lot of tools named “reamer”. Is this what you mean: reamer

Probably, handcrafting is not one of my better skills. :blush:

Sorry, I’ve read your post after I replied to djozz. So I found the right tool. Thanks!

Yes, that one will do. I have this one

It leaves the hole slightly conical, so it matters from which side you do the reaming.

Looks pretty handy, I’ll try to find a similar one.

I use one blade of a pair of scissors to cut out the reflector opening. ALWAYS from the bottom, outside the reflector, so any slip does not mar the shiny inner surface. :wink:

yes, thats what I usedfor 4040 LEDs in the Q8: https://www.banggood.com/Raitool-DT01-Edge-Reamer-Professional-Reaming-Universal-Hole-Drill-Tool-0-14mm-Opener-Reamer-p-922461.html