What did you mod today?

So shiny! That’s a ton of polishing. Makeshift lathe?? Geez. Took off enough aluminum to make a second flashlight

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looks like a drill as the makeshift lathe? maybe on a vise?

today i finally added a clip to my wk30

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Yeah, just a drill with a 1/2 inch drill bit wrapped with tape with the sticky side out to hold the flashlight. I also clamp down the drill so it doesn’t move and the switch to have both hands free.

Been playing with Zebralights past few days.
SC65 with 719A 5000K
SC64LE woth 519A 5700K




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Nice job id30209!

How do you remove the bezel in order to get access to the LED? I have a couple ZLs that I would like to upgrade to 519As.

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Use tiny precission screwdriver and wedge it between bezel and lens.
See here for guidlines

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Thanks for the link!

It looked familiar when I was reading thru it and then I saw I replied to it. But I guess that was 5 years ago now.

Some day I may have the courage to try it on 1 of my ZebraLights, but not today.

Cometa upgrade to SFT40 and SD2 gets the hand-me-down XP-L HI but it’s a great improvement, too!

I had something strange happen with the Cometa. I was testing, using my DMM, to see how much current was passing to the LED with the A17DD driver and could only use a weaker cell that would max out at <2.8V. If I tested with a more capable cell, only the lower 3 modes would shine but anything over that, the light would blink a few times and then shut off. Otherwise, the light would function as normal when loaded with a battery. I’m enjoying the results!

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Been trying to figure out how to get an sfh55 into a D1k for like a month now. This is what I’ve come up with.

No room to slip with the soldering iron on this one lol. See how close I was on that negative lead? Phew.

No centering ring fits so I took a cue from what hank does with those little pieces of felt he sticks around the reflector but I used cut up bits of weatherstripping foam tape I had lying around. Not very pretty but it works for now. I’ve added a few more since I took that picture.

This is what it looks like next to the xhp70.3

I’ve also pushed the reflector down a tiny bit more too. Trying to get it as close as possible off the emitter.

The beam is way nicer than the sfn60’s was, which had an ugly yellow center in the hotspot. Not a Nichia by any means but at least it’s just a solid white hotspot. Comes in at 6500k on the nose, 72cri, 0.0017 duv

Its very floody, I wish I had a lumen tube to measure. Floody doesn’t make as good a beamshot as the throwy sbt90 does. It’s certainly brighter than the sfn60 was. But probably only by 1000-2000 lumens or so. I’m still claiming the title for brightest D1k in the world though until someone proves otherwise lol.

I figure the sbt90 and sfn60 were already pushing a single 21700 to the limit as it was with their 7000-8000 lumens. Mateminco has the sfh55 at 9000-something lumens in their 21700 light. Maybe Hank’s driver can get a few hundred more. That looks about right to my eye. But I feel like theres more throw in there. Any suggestions on the reflector? Thinking of a TIR maybe. I think there’s still room for improvement on this. Beats my sfn60 hands down though

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Nice mod @Jeffgoldblum!

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My wife has been bugging me for a small light. So I went searching and got these red and black SP10 Pro’s to lego. I’ll put an eneloop in hers, for general jostling-around-in-purse safety.

I modded both to 519A 5000K domed, coming from LH351D 5000K’s.
Comparison beamshots (L = LH351D):

Took the pics with my phone, so sorry if they aren’t that decent.

Can’t wait till she gets off work!

also to note the black one came with a Micro USB charger and the red one is USB-C, and the batteries are also different.

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I’m in the process of upgrading my TS10 single with a larger TIR. This will require a new bezel, which is a whole other project, but right now I’m testing out TIRs. I’d like to use a TIR so I can keep the aux underneath it. I was experimenting with reducing the diameter of a 26mm TIR that I had on hand already.

That’s a standard ~19mm diameter TIR (like for use with S2+), a 26mm TIR I started with, and one reduced down to about 18mm.

As you might imagine, there’s quite a bit of light lost out the sides when reducing the diameter that much, so this one isn’t going to work. My bezel plan can accommodate a TIR with a depth of about 16-18mm and I’d like to use one as deep as possible (can that translate to more throw like it can with reflectors?). That TIR on the left is I think about 12mm, and the larger two are closer to 16. Time to do some shopping.

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11 years ago i didn’t have a lathe but i still tried to do major modifications to this Uniquefire. I cut the head open and added more (home made) heatsink, added a single mode boost driver and added glow to the extension tube. I ended up giving it to a guy at work. Recently he brought it back to me as my …h-hmm… construction had failed. I lathed up a new part and threaded it into the light so it’s super strong now. While i was at it i added more glowy stuff to the head

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Today I swapped/reflowed the SFQ43 3000K (which is seriously the uggliest LED I’ve come across so far) in my Mateminco FT01, for a 519A 3500K (domed). A huge improvement and miles and miles better than the hideous tint/color that came with the SFQ43!

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That’s a weird looking reflector.

Much better suited for this cool looking light.

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The reflector is indeed really weird looking!

When saw the first images of this light, I thought it was really weird looking, almost ugly. When I saw it on sale recently, I took another look at it and I found it to have something really “quirky”/unique about it, which I really liked, so I bought one. (Mainly with the idea of using it as a “mood light” with the included stand and diffuser.)

Unfortunately the SFQ43 (3000K) was incredibly ugly; it was really yellow with a huge green tint. Even with the diffuser it was completely unusable! That’s why I decided to swap it to a 519A 3500K. The reason I kept the dome on, is that I hoped that it would give a bit of a wider hotspot and therefore a bit of more evenly spread beam (profile) when I’m using the diffuser. (Which is the main use for me.)


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Did you drill out the reflector or did you find one somewhere?

I drilled it. I think Pioneman sells one for 7070 led. K21 or something.

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